The election is over and the Geneva Shore Report did not cover the results. The supposed most critical ‘mid-term elections of all time,’ have come and gone? Seriously? What about during WWII, WWI, back in the Teddy Roosevelt days or maybe the Vietnam war protest era? Elections are always critical to one cause or another, to one group or another, and quite possibly, the most important impacted entity is the individual voter him or herself. They are a neglected entity, for the most part. “All politics is local,” is an old expression with intensely deep meaning and application. That expression was coined to describe how politics only has true meaning to the individual voting. Even with the television and Internet communications devices beaming brutally constant ‘news’ into everyone’s lives about how important presidents and congressmen and women in Washington D.C. are, the individual voter, by and large, votes about the things that seem to affect the individual voter and not the grand sweeping causes and policies presented by national, or even state politicians.

If the republicans win and maintain control of the Senate and the House of Representatives just how much change is to be expected for a farmer or office worker or any other individual living and working in Southern Wisconsin? And the same question can be asked with respect to the fact that the democrats might win. How do individual voters really feel about the people they are voting for, or against? That’s been the subject of articles, papers, and books for generations. Today, it’s more about how the individual voter is made to feel, then how they might really feel about being impacted in their everyday life. That the national and state policies do reach down to the individual level is beyond argument.

Look at the devastating effect of Governor Walker’s cancellation of the high-speed rail and how it has affected Wisconsin? Single-handedly the governor tossed Wisconsin onto a veritable scrap heap of business and technological advancement with that bad move. But what is the effect of something so definitive that denies future growth or advancement? Almost none. Nobody even discusses this critical and deliberate step backward. The decision was about the future. Individuals live day-to-day, and not on into the future unless future thinking is absolutely required. Survival is that hard on this rotating orb called Earth. Distant decisions about such personal rules and actions regarding abortion, transgender identity, taxes and even foreign affairs have very definite effects on individuals across the country, but most of those decisions, on the national or state level, are all about future states of effect. What went on yesterday, today and possibly only tomorrow are the things that individuals truly care and think about. Listening to television and looking things up on the Internet also involve believing what other people are saying. The modern revolution in electronics is proving, without any doubt, that duplicity lives, breathes and influences almost all decisions on a national or state level.

Hope and endurance are the two necessary and foundational strengths needed by individual voters when making decisions about supporting candidates and parties. It is also absolutely required that the individual voter, and all voters together, endure the results without taking measures that might endanger the fabric of the very society supporting every individual and group. When elections occur in America and can be judged to be fair and accurate, the individual is served in many more ways than can be properly described by media of any kind. Home is where the heart is. Home is where the vote is. And home needs continued thought, work and voting to keep it home.

Congratulations on the results of the election, no matter what they were.

~James Strauss


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