They are still doing it, as time goes by so slowly into the end of 2021. What is it that the mass media is doing, left and right? They are continuing to prop up the dead residue of the slimming down former president, as he dodders around physically and verbally even more than he did when he was in office. Sense is made out of nonsense because the mass media took such a hit to its bottom line when he finished himself off (the January 6 insurrection attempt being the final giant piece of fireworks in his fur year running display). Trump is not coming back and yes, he is going away but you might not think so to read even the most supposed left-wing media, like Raw Story MSNBC, or one of those. Why won’t the national media let him go…because they want the money, and they really don’t care about the rest (and their logic is hard to overcome because it is founded on the idea that they must. be ‘objective,’ although there really is no objective in real life). It will be interesting to see if the democrats have enough spine to put those who have been served for the January 6th commission do not show up when so ordered by the House, in jail.

The media must remain under the skeptical indictment of a mass of the public simmering away in anger over being constantly lied to. When the media is no longer reporting or reporting anything close to the truth then were can a busy and hard-working public go to find out what’s going on?  What lays at the foundation of the mass media and the nation’s news problem?  What’s really wrong with the media today, not just the U.S. national media but internationally?

What’s wrong can best be illustrated and is demonstrated (the argument that the mass media today is nothing more or less than mass hysteria nearly unconfined) as follows. That illustration shows, by its presentation worldwide this morning, a monumental lack of investigating of any sort on the part of almost all the media outlets. What happened? This story, which I am using here as an example, was released last week about a man in Norway, committing the second-worst mass killing in Norway’s history, who went around shooting people with a bow and arrow, killing five and wounding more. Very dramatic. Very Robin Hood without the integrity. Today, Norwegian officials finally published their first report on the incident, over which they’ve arrested the apparent killer. No bow and arrow. He stabbed the people with a ‘sharp instrument,’ with what regular folks might call a knife. That’s bad reporting. Not getting the story wrong in the first place, but never bothered, over the course of six days to investigate further. The stories by major news outlets are highly emotional and all stress the 37-year-old nutty murderer as intently moving through stores and homes shooting people with his bow. None of it happened, not even close. This incident demonstrates how the once highly believed and respected mass media lost its credibility…and is not likely to regain it anytime soon.

This same media is responsible for the rise of the living monster called Trump and so much more. Here’s the Associated Press report. Trash.  That there was no bow and arrow might be a minor part of the tragic story, except the mass media made the usage of that uncommon weapon system the centerpiece of attention.  There are no apologies, no ‘take backs’ from any of these highly touted and vaunted mass media outlets, from the Associated Press, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post and so many more.  There will never likely be.

Today, the mass media simply moves on.  By failing to acknowledge rotten reporting or simple incompetency, however, it is the media itself that is killing the media itself.  The Infrastructure Bill in Congress has little chance of being passed, but what of the 150 billion set aside to replace the lead pipes so much of America has been drinking from for over a hundred years?  The first symptom of such intake, over a long period of time, is a lowering of intellect.  Is this failure to get these pipes out of the all-American ground the excuse that mass media must eventually use to explain their abysmal ignorance in almost every area of crusading journalistic behavior?

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