It is, indeed, by and large, an uncaring world.  There is always a tremendous number of potential voters who never vote. The conservatives have gerrymandered the nation to make it impossible for some people’s vote to count, so they don’t bother. The conservatives have made it much harder to prove you are a resident and have an I.D. Also, there is that fact that many people simply do not want to have their identity registered anywhere, much less with a government they’ve grown to mistrust. That they are known and fully identified anyway is beside the point. They don’t know or believe that.  Then there’s jury duty. If you vote you can get selected for jury duty and that’s a thing most people want nothing to do with. The reasons not to vote have overcome the reasons to vote, particularly when so much of the rhetoric on television, in the news, and even on the Internet indicates that there’s not a whole lot of impact on regular life no matter who gets in.

How does the system survive this onslaught of reasons for not voting in order to encourage people to vote? Will the republicans do even more horrid things to the poor, the disabled, the uninsured, the aged and others if they continue?  Yes, they will. They don’t mean to, but deep down they do mean to, deep down they do not mean to “share” with their brethren who are not white. That their brethren are vitally necessary to their very comfort and existence does not occur to these basic, and fundamentally, stupid ‘proud boy’ citizens until they are impacted at home. All of that takes a lot of time to happen and then its too late.

The nation is in decline. The signs are everywhere, but the signs are disguised and lied about. Nobody is talking seriously about repairing and making the infrastructure better across the land.  Nobody is really talking much about the environment.  The main motivator in this coming election is either Trump or health care. It’s like a bunch of old crones getting together at a nursing home to discuss what’s important to them. The nation now attacks new technology! Wind power, electric cars, automatic driving and more are under attack because those things change the status quo of the super wealthy. Those people want no change.  They want their money to keep on flowing in just as it has been.  Vote.  Overcome the forces that have been rallied to keep you from voting. Get in there and get heard right now.  This is a critical time, and the good fortune is that you get to be here for it to play out. However, the bad fortune may be the same thing!

Selfishness plays a vitally important role in every human being’s life. Survivability in a difficult environment (and planet earth still qualifies as that exact thing) is founded upon taking care of oneself no matter what the hardship or difficulty. Social norms and group behavior always fight pure selfishness to shift normally self-centered humans from being totally and short-term selfish, to allow for long-term thinking and future betterment. Being able to understand and visualize how working together can allow for much more successful and more comfortable survival than short-term selfishness. The fight between the sociological (group), and psychological (individual) behavior patterns is and has always been, monumental and never-ending. Duplicity is another factor in determining whether to care about something or not. Lying about selfishness is legend. The ostensible reason for being selfish can be swiftly changed to safety or concern for others, and this is often done, particularly on the national level. The day before 911 George Bush Jr. was the most unpopular president in history. The day after he was the most popular. What changed? Fear changed that, which came down to concerns about safety.

Deciding what things to ignore or be opposed to, and what things to pay attention to and support, are probably the most key decisions any human makes in his or her life. Are you affected by another’s decisions?

Should you not place more emphasis on what is happening locally around you, rather than nationally or internationally? Probably, but this is in direct opposition to news outlets that make their living (survival) dependent upon you caring about those distant things that may never have any effect upon you. But you can never be certain. There is so much you should not care about, but that is presented to you on a daily platter of different presentations and in differing but vital communications mediums. If you don’t care about most of it, you are probably happier and pretty much correct in feeling so.

The elections are coming in a few weeks. Get out and vote. Not because you are afraid, but because being involved in the social group behavior of others is the most enriching part of life itself. Be involved, because that is all about living life and enjoying it.
~James Strauss

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