It is Fall inside the middle of this cold blowy week, here in Southern Wisconsin.  The feeling across the country can be described by using only one word: “mean.” However, the preponderance of humanity in this country has feelings that are basically unknown. When sociology was deliberately killed off years back, as the study of group relations with valid social statistics as its ruler, then the ability to figure out what huge masses of the population think, express and feel went with it.

Today’s ‘surveys,’ admitted to on national media outlets, are based on survey populations of eight or nine hundred. It always took a minimum of 2000 to complete any valid survey of human beings, and to come up with anything even close to a credible result. A survey of 5000 or 10,000 actually begins to lend real credibility, according to the old rules enforced by the academic authorities of the time. Today, the survey results are those of the people paying to have them done, and those results are terribly skewed toward what the people who are paying might want them to be. Republicans are considered to be fifty percent or more of the population of the land. They are not. They are just said to be that many, and that will continue because they keep winning elections, and they need justification for those results. Almost everyone knows Trump could not have won that last election. He lacked support from everywhere. Suddenly, however, the survey idea that there was this huge mass of white males out there, actually voting, appeared post-election, to support the sweeping and total unlikelihood of his election.

The country is not mean. It is run by mean men…with a very few mean women allowed into leadership positions. Mean means ‘taking’ in this case. The leadership has been taking it all for some time. These corrupt leaders leave anger and bitter resentment, and even death, in their wake. And no, they don’t care, because they see it as taking care of their own and doing a better job of that than others. As they see it, this is how it is supposed to be. Not only is it their true intent to take it all, but it is also their true intent to make sure the rest of the population does not see it that way. And so, everyone has this cold blowy fall week before the coming elections to consider.

Are you mean? Is the nation mean?  Nobody much knows anymore because these leaders were smart enough to figure out where sociology and anthropology were going, and then to get rid of those disciplines. Now educational advancement is mostly in “business” courses, where young American’s attend to learn how to count their money and how to get it from others.

The mid-term elections are almost here. There will not be a way of limiting the power of the current leadership for some time to come. Mainstream media will not cover a seemingly minor story about this current leader and the other elected officials that support him. Only a small newspaper like the GSR will cover this kind of story, in order that you might figure out that leadership is pretty messed up right now. Here’s this seemingly small story, that is so indicative of why you should not support this man, or anyone who supports him.

President Donald Trump said that the stock market, through the heroic efforts of a friend of his, opened the day after 911. “In spite of the terrorist attack and in complete disregard for his own safety, Mr. Grasso did this.” The president lied, as he’s lied more times than the entire collection of presidents that have preceded him in office. He said it on videotape and live television in front of thousands at Murphysboro, Illinois. The stock market actually closed for six days following 911, the longest closure since 1933. You don’t need a survey, no matter how accurate or inaccurate they may be today. You just need to pay attention to your own eyes and ears. Vote democratic and stop this sad show from continuing to dominate the culture of the United States of America.

When the democrats work hard to get the votes to throw them out. This is America and throwing politicians out of office is a wonderful American pastime!

~ James Strauss

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