IN YOUR NAME: The children at our borders, that unknowing, hungry, tired and nothing more or less than babies and toddlers, are caged awaiting deportation or permanent incarceration in their inhumane conditions.

IN YOUR NAME: They are turning away people who have made it over the water to attempt to survive the nearly unsurvivable conditions in the Bahamas, and this is not even being covered by the mass media in prime time anymore.

IN YOUR NAME: Lies and prevarication over the idiocy of using Sharpies to amend scientifically generated weather maps, that are swept under the rug to hide the fact that the leadership of the USA is fragmented, demented and suffering extreme outbreaks of varying degrees of mental illness.

IN YOUR NAME: Remember when the turning away of the Jews aboard that ship that tried to come to the USA in WWII was later seen as an outrage against kindness, care and any sort of humanity? The current administration wants to rewrite the words that are written in iron on the side of the Statue of Liberty? Now, anyone coming to this country has to be able to “stand on his or her own and not be in any position to need, want or have governmental assistance of any kind? What kind of cold, nasty and downright inhumane governmental conduct and expression is that?

IN YOUR NAME: Remember when it was finally seen that the incarceration of almost all Japanese people during WWII was found to be morally unacceptable for a nation claiming to be free and filled with love and accountability? Why are these new outrages not being seen as outrages at all? Why are the media and the public not turning these cretins running the current government out of office, or worse, putting them in prison for very long terms? At what point does our return, as a country, to thinking and allowing inhuman acts to be performed upon our brothers and sisters of the species not compare directly and accurately to what the Germans did both before and during WWII? Where is the outrage, and how can we go through the rest of our lives not truly hating and secretly, and then openly, holding the supporters of this kind of conduct to a regimen of punishment that they certainly deserve? Would that be fair? Would that be for the betterment of the country as a whole and an additive to the still-developing culture?

IN YOUR NAME: Elections come and go, while politicians continue to fall short in morality and ethics but remain steadfast in their determination to enrich themselves at the expense of those whom they represent while all the while lying about everything. A government operated as a republic must endure these actions as a part of remaining free and not having to fully pay attention to everything going on around them, which might decrease their own chances for comfort and survival. But there has come a time and a person to the White House of the United States of America who has demonstrated such a lack of mental health that there is almost no one left in the country who does not agree and has not observed such behavior at the man’s own words and on television and video. There are also those who have observed and do agree on that issue but don’t care or have indicated that they don’t care.   By not caring the country becomes ever more troubled, divided, and dangerously close to collapse in many different areas. No spark among the many communities across the country has yet been ignited that might burn to the intensity of thermite, but that time may be coming very soon, as an election is just ahead, an election that may turn this mentally ill person out of office. Given the power of the office that he has legally and illegally manifested and demonstrated, will he go if he loses the election? Will he really surrender the codes to the nuclear ‘football’ that follows him around? Or will he stay, and then foment rebellion among those who don’t care that he is so damaged or incapable of true rationality?

IN YOUR NAME: No, in all probability you didn’t elect him. He could not have won that election because he had no great base of voting support. The public did not vote against Hillary Clinton because of her past or because she is a woman. No, they didn’t vote for the most part at all, when it came to the very few swing votes it took in key states to make that man president. The country’s best intelligence and legal minds have concluded that hackers (Russian or otherwise) did indeed penetrate the voting machines in many states. There are no written ballots to back anything up in those states. If these coming elections are going to be based on the pattern and conduct of the last election, then none of what happens will truly be in your name…because you won’t really have a name.

You will have a number and that number will be very close to zero.

~James Strauss      


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