How is this not insanity? How is it that this country’s leader, with the nation in terrible turmoil, fires out of control in the west, hurricanes sweeping the east, the virus all over, the economy in the toilet and poor people, old people, the mentally ill, prisoners and those so hurt by all this, that they can’t even move or think, can state that this is all the fault of the past leadership when he is the past leadership? This is all happening on his watch. His “re-elect me” message? “Blame it all on the old leader and elect me, the old leader.” How is this not insanity? How is it not insanity that Fox and Rush Limbaugh, and the like, have been allowed to force this crazy crap upon the nation? How is it that followers of Trump cannot see what they have perpetrated on their fellow citizens, and want to go right on doing so for four more years? Or do they see it and just don’t care? How did the country develop this cold-hearted, imitation Christian, cruel and downright mean-spirited portion of a population…or was it there all the time, occasionally popping its collective head out of one hole, only now fully revealed?

Is it not insanity that a whole population is wearing face masks and cannot even see the expression of the person they are near, or far, or smiling at or not, and this is supposed to be how things are going to be on into the future? What future? There is a leader of America all right…and his real name is Caligula. America’s Caligula does not believe in science, openly states that he does not read, does not go to church, is opposed to environmental protection programs across the gamut, lies about almost everything, and openly states that he does as well. I get lots of emails from angry veterans who believe I am a great writer but have come to dislike me because I won’t support this mad man as the current and future leader. I am struck by that. These men (mostly) served their country in times of need, and now have dropped service to their country and changed it to be for service to one man. The entire Constitution of the United State of America and its Declaration of Independence were written in fear of this man in mind, and men who might come to power like him. How can that be missed by so many?

I have been a republican all my life, yet so many on here and in my real life infer or directly state that I am a Marxist because I don’t eat green eggs and ham and I will not follow this man! All because of Trump. I fought and bled and experienced nightmare pain in order to try to help keep those I could from being exposed to what this man has brought to us, and now wants to bring more. I am not nearly so disturbed by him or what he has done, as I am very deeply disappointed in so many of my fellow citizens living in this seemingly grand society, I thought better than it is proving to be.  A few days ago, this leader of the greatest most powerful nation on earth said that he was going to write an executive order not allowing Biden to serve as president.  He said the next day that if not elected then the nation would never see or hear from him again.  Why are so many intellects in this country disengaging their minds and allowing this stuff to slip by because of abortion legislation, or Obamacare, or even the nation’s handling of the virus?

This election coming at us like a runaway train is not about issues anymore, if it ever was.  It is about coming back from the edge of literal and virtual insanity. I, and I believe many, republicans are not coming back to the party until the party purges itself of this man and refuses to ever endorse this kind of blatant, in your face, the insanity that this man has been allowed to inflict upon it and the entire country.

Vote.  Vote early.  Vote absentee. Vote at the polling place.
But vote you must.

~~James Strauss

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