At what point did the United States convert itself from a caring country of wildly assorted peoples founded upon the principals of self-rule, religious freedom, fair trade, honest industry and the rule of the law, into an authoritarian world power with only disrespect to be demonstrated for other countries, societies, and cultures?

How can the U.S., with any kind of straight back and face, treat Mexican citizens, whether in Mexico or in the U.S., as sub-human? How can Canadians, the best and closest friends to America since the Civil Way, be treated as if they are second-class citizens of the North American continent? How can religious, supposedly Christian beliefs, be treated as if they are not only the dominant belief system across the land, which they are not, but infiltrated into the very definition of the word patriotism? The Ugly American was a book written many decades ago about Americans going abroad and acting like horse’s asses. The book was presented and went to bestseller status because it was intended to be used as a primer on how not to treat other nations with total disrespect without expecting even worse in return.

The United States is so unbelievably overbuilt and overpowering as a military power on the planet that its own people will not even believe it. More military toys and personnel are the continued cry, whether that message is coming from either the democratic or republican side. All the nuclear carrier fleets traveling the oceans of the world (there are seven fleets) with the many support ships and planes are American. All of them. All the nuclear submarines out there in the world’s oceans waiting in deep waters to launch huge and endlessly supplied nuclear weapons are American. The U.S. maintains over 800 military bases in over 140 countries worldwide. It has over 200, as well, in the United States. The entirety of acreage belonging to the military in the U.S. alone is more than the area of France and Germany combined. France, Spain, and Russia together only have 30 military bases outside of their own countries. Do you want any more equally unbelievable data (easily checkable on the Internet, of course)? The F-35 is the replacement fighter for the services following the F-22 which still has no equal in any other military fighter. The F-35 comes online as the FSB is designed to replace it. There is no end to this, and this kind of power is creating the attitude that will eventually cause the rest of the world to alienate and socially starve America into cultural isolation.

The United States has begun to have internal problems of massive proportions. The disrespect the country’s leadership is demonstrating to other countries and cultures has also gone internal. The leadership and the supporters of this authoritarian leadership have and demonstrate no respect for blacks, Asians, Hispanics, gay people, and women. How can a country, once so enthralling and impressive in its search for and discovery of personal freedoms organized by freely elected state and federal leadership, have fallen so far as to become not only a subject of derision and disrespect abroad but pure red-hot hatred?

While the country is “winning” supposed better trade deals all around the world, using bully threats and that monstrous military behind those threats, it is losing the most essential social tool and power any group of humans has available to it. America is becoming unloved. America is becoming unloving. No matter what the return on economic policy yields, no matter what form of rising wealth is competitively pried loose from others in the grand planetary competition, that loss of love means that eventually, the population of America will live in misery.

The country would do well to examine the state of so many long-term marriages inside its own borders. Many couples with “all the money in the world” survive on together because of the money. Their love is long gone but they persevere. They survive. America is attempting to create this same effect but on an international scale. A small group of like-minded, self-flagellating Calvinists paired up with punishment-oriented Pilgrims have found common ground to form a new nation within the nation of the United States. That new nation is founded on money, brutality, mean-spirited punishment and a wild celebration of ignorance.

Jesus Christ himself would drive these new “nation builders” from his church, like the Pharisees in the Bible, while beating them with switches and declaring them to be the unclean predatory creatures they were and are. Does the United States have to wait until Jesus returns in order to halt its decline into dominating global failure, moronic minority wealth and general abject misery?

~James Strauss


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