Coming at you from Southeastern Wisconsin. The “Kenosha Affair” seems to have died down to where it’s not a part of national, or even local, news anymore. The speed of “stories” brought to the public’s attention and then pulled out of sight, sound, and mind has never been faster. Feeding the public with new, and ever more interesting or even outrageous information to hold and build viewership is a game that all news agencies entered into without knowing what it was they were entering into a few years back. If Donald Trump has done nothing else, he has put an intense light on this game, and then maximized and used his understanding of it. Reality television did come to the nation, first as a fictional series of shows with bad, but seemingly real, actors.

The nature and organization, as it was, of those shows reached out and moved right into the news productions of these networks and cable operations, however. The helter-skelter, and mostly made up, “reality” of those early and current shows has become part of the real world we all live and work in.   This relatively new communications phenomenon is about as dangerous and fraught with life-giving or losing effect, as might be found in not following the course of knowledge acquired through scientific methodology and process. The human species, as the only truly intelligent species yet discovered (given that these new UFO discoveries being released by the government are not real or true), has an amazing and tenacious ability to many times not believe things that are placed right before it and should be so easily understandable and visible. Many belief systems can be so subtly inserted into human mindsets, and those belief systems divined and created by the intellects of others, can be nearly impossible to combat, right up to the point of death. Many people believe that the earth is flat, no matter what the self-evidence all around them demonstrates.

Many people think that vaccinations are dangerous when just the opposite has been proven time and time again, eradicating such diseases as measles and polio. A belief system is created out of nearly nothing at all, usually to benefit (with power and/or money) the creator. Many times there needs to be no truth or fact-basing at all to the belief, yet followers will rise up to assert that the belief is valid. For example, there is absolutely no evidence whatever, and in fact, there is a lot of evidence to the contrary, that no human on this earth or anywhere else can define or predict the future, yet people go to fortune tellers all the time and believe what the uncredentialed and nearly idiotic fortune teller predicts for them. There is zero evidence that the movement and placement of the stars most people can see on a clear night, have anything to do with what might be happening or about to happen in anyone’s life down on planet earth. But astrology reports are among the most popular parts of newspaper publications around the world.

The demonstrations in Kenosha have been about belief systems, on both sides of the barricades, so to speak. Would harsher enforcement not be better used to control the protesting part of the population or would backing off and being “nicer” to the protestors work better and more permanently? Two belief systems in total opposition. Which system has more fact-based evidence to support its continued or new use? Everything has changed, with the advent of cellphones that record things and events live, without editing or much dialogue added at all. The police, National Guard, the President, the Democratic presidential candidate, all came to Kenosha, as did thousands of citizens from near and far in Wisconsin. Violence occurred. Property damage occurred. People died. The police forces of power and the leaders of the country left Kenosha. The protestors and demonstrators blended back into the population. What changed? The two belief systems, one harsh and the other more gentle, remain unresolved, with the humans on both sides of the issue polarized in opposite ways even though the live video was and remains there for all to see.

As Dick Cheney once, so incredibly repeated (attributed originally to the Marx Brothers), after he was videotaped saying something he claimed he didn’t say, “don’t believe your lying eyes.”

~~ James Strauss

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