A rustle, a waft, a movement that seems not a movement at all. The air moving, whether humans feel it or not, whether other things encounter it or not. The wind is made up of nitrogen, mostly (about 78 %), oxygen (about 21%) and then a bunch of trace elements. This mix of gases has been hugely effected by living organisms emitting gases through the course of billions and billions of years. The wind is a living thing by composition but not spirit or consciousness. It gives or allows life, while it has none of its own. It’s not the product of science or invention, although humans know what it’s made of, and how it began and continues, because of science. Science is the accumulation of all the knowledge mankind has fought hard to accumulate and pass on, while it’s also something that’s developed rules and procedures so that scientific results can be counted on to be valid and true.

Earth Day is a celebration of life on planet earth. It was celebrated on Saturday, last. It used to be celebrated (before times became more difficult for classical conjecture and conclusions), by the planting of trees. Trees and plants take in carbon dioxide, and emit water vapor and oxygen. It is the plant life of the planet that has shaped and produced the atmosphere, and therefore the wind, that we know to this very day. Never in modern times, since the creation of Earth Day, has it been celebrated by championing and promoting the acceptance, process, and belief in science. It didn’t need to be. Today, that has changed. On Saturday, millions of people across the planet, many of them in the largest cities of the United States, celebrated science as if science is or was something in doubt. This great sweeping movement was caused by silent underlying fear. Without science the world would revert to a place where the physically most powerful, quick and better muscled would dominate all animal existence. The dinosaurs lived in such a period, and once established, that miserable way of life ruled the planet for millions of years. There was no thought, as we know it. There was no reason, as we know it. There was only need and instinct in the fooling of prey, the taking of prey and the eating of prey. And prey was all living animal organisms.

Not since the time of Galileo has science been so doubted and under such attack. In those days and nights of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Galileo used the results of scientific endeavor to determine that the earth and the other planets orbited the sun, not the other way around. Galileo, in the face of overwhelming and self-evident scientific proof was forced by the church to recant his conclusions, or face death. At that time, the Church was the controlling authority, and religion was based on an organized set of beliefs built upon no science at all. Beliefs are generally created by powerful humans to control other less powerful humans. Religion is only one of the ways the power of mythical belief can be harnessed to control other humans. Politics is the most common way in the modern era. Last Saturday people were out protesting and marching to illustrate their understanding of scientific results as being valid, conclusive and so very productive in advancing civilization.

The wind begins as a subtle thing, barely felt, barely noticed, but still there. First it whispers, then it begins to blow harder into a breeze, and then into a gale, and sometimes on into a hurricane. In its first hundred days the effect of the current political leadership of the United States should be taken for the wind. Barely felt, barely noticed, its attack on the foundations of science are barely whispers, but once again old time religion is trying to replace science with “belief.” What is known, and what is proven by empirical test, and then repetition of empirical test to arrive at the same result, is quietly being replaced by men. Big successful white men of age, beginning to huff and puff and blow with the increasing speed of the passing wind. The wind from out of the past is beginning to blow in order to draw civilization back into his loving tortured arms, and the misery of artificial belief and a cold blooded reality only verifiable by what one can read in the Old Testament of the Bible.

And the wind keeps building, but many people thinks it’s merely a comforting breeze, so far. That wind is going to grow stronger and stronger until it touches every living thing or being on this planet. Will the wind, the relieving wind of change grow, to be that tropical breeze so many pined and voted for? Or will it simply increase in its intensity to become the heart and center of the greatest cyclone ever to whirl across the face of planet earth?
~ James Strauss

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