The single most stunning event to overcome human communications in the United States did not come from a new technological advance. It did not come because of the final assembly of some complex network, or through the overcoming of heretofore impossibly limiting factors. The single most stunning event to occur has been the acceptance of knowing falsehoods in lieu of established facts. Lies, always commonplace among members of the most deceptive species ever to become dominant on the planet, have only recently become acceptable as fluid parallel parts of a mythic reality. Game of Thrones, the most popular television series of all time, is discussed by many viewers as if the fabricated history of its background and players is somehow real, or if not real, then at the very least similar to what has happened and went on in the historical past, is part of the living present of today’s populations experience..

For the most part, lying behavior has never been punishable under U.S. law, barring ‘fire in the theater’ kinds of violations. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects lying as a form of expression, rather than as a body of foundational misstatements of reality. Up to the invention of television, and resultant discoveries learned through the success of advertising on television, lying by America’s leaders was considered a ‘third rail,’ for job continuance throughout the political system. That has changed. The most stunning aspect, even in human communications, is not the lying by its leaders, it is the full acceptance of that lying by the public.   The President of the United States, in only a few days alone, has completely fabricated the existence and substance of two telephone calls to other world leaders. This information was endlessly transmitted to the public via national television, in very pervasive and penetrating ways. The effect, however, of the public knowing about the imaginary phone calls has been nothing. There has been no reaction at all. Those two lies promulgated by the ultimate leader of the country followed other lies about his own popularity, how he won the last election, his current popularity, and even his damaging relationship with Russia.   The revelations of these blatant lies have, by and large, been ignored by the bulk of humanity making up the American public. This seemingly ungrudging allowance portends, and reveals, historic changes dynamically occurring inside the entire culture.

The advances of the communications industry, of which cell phones and the Internet are a big part, have created a more truthful society, and the pain that’s been going on as this society moves more and more to revelations of truth, is extreme. Because of this enormous shift, wherein almost all members of the public are now held to a standard of fact-checked truth, as opposed to the mythological construct of many individuals, allows for more of a group consciousness, the espoused truth of individuals having become more or less based upon the stature of the person espousing his or her truths. This new element of differentially applied social justice is readily illustrated by the whole country watching endless examples of powerful leaders lying, and paying no price for the lying, and only being held to nearly painless verbal accountability by opposition party members. The executive body’s counter-attack on the release of information indicating he’s lying his butt off, also reveals this unbalanced and unfair accountability. The full power of the executive offices of the U.S. are about to be unleashed upon any individual who reveals information proving the country’s leaders are lying. There will be punishment and accountability for these underlings, with the lessor stature underlings meriting the most draconian of punishments. There will only be punishment administered to those telling the truth about the lies. Those lying about the truth will not be punished, nor held accountable in any way.

Removing the last vestige of expectation of any truth in communications will usher in a new era of honest authoritarian rule. It cannot bring in anything else. When fact becomes fiction and fiction fact, when the truth become lies and lies are accepted as truth, then physics will dominate the success of the species. Physics and science cannot be swayed by lies. Their results can be turned and used for short periods of time by those who are able to control the opinion of those results, but they cannot be changed in effect. The population of the United States is dropping and it’s dropping precipitously. There is little notice of this increasing exodus into non-existence because the communications system advances that have helped bring it about will not report about how such a grand success of human invention can end the very population that invented it. Artificial intelligence is not a threat, compared to this slow python-like suffocation being brought about, as the muscular coils of the powerful forces of celebrated ignorance and unpunished lies, choke the life out of the grandest and most extraordinary culture ever to grace the revolving face of this planet earth.
~~ James Strauss

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