This ‘battle’ we are all going through is not for the geographically diminished space still available on this planet. There simply are not that many humans, so it’s not about scarcity. If there were fewer humans, then the same battle would be going on for what is here. It is not only built into our unfortunate survival genes that we dominate the genetic products of those around us, it is also built into us to get rid of as many competitors as possible. That is the bedrock of the human genetic material driving our subconscious existence.

If you don’t believe that then please check my mathematics on size: every human being, if packed together standing, would fit on a flat island the size of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. In fact, there would be room even if the population continues to go up. Now, build a flock of small houses and divide up the world’s population into four-member family units. All of the families on earth you’ve put together would occupy all the little houses, each built on an eighth of an acre in Texas. The houses with families in them would not fill up the State of Texas. The next time you think that humans are overpopulating the earth…please give this simple math some thought.

It is not about scarcity, this battle. It is about the dominance of species specific genetic material through the production of progeny, and then assuring that progeny’s survival over the progeny being competed with. The people, for example, who want DACA kids (dreamers) tossed out of the country want a bit more than that, genetically speaking. Yes, they want them to die. They don’t necessarily think that consciously, but that is the huge powerful force driving species survival, and explains a lot about this whole conservative movement in the United States. There is a life or death struggle going on. Human survival on this difficult unforgiving planet has always come down to a life or death struggle. That humans lie about this reality every minute, of every hour, of every day, that they are alive is all part of the necessary deceptions leading to genetic success.

In Germany, when the pogroms were going on and Jews were being gathered for extermination, women and children down to infants were declared non-human. It is no coincidence that the conservative elements in the United States are attacking children. Most conservatives claim to be ‘Christian.’ If these ‘Christians’ read the bible it might behoove them to read Matthew: “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” That statement of scripture was made about forcing children to sin. What do you suppose the punishment might be for killing children, for betraying promises of care and protection, no matter how you cloak the actions with self-serving, and self-righteous, writings and speech?

~~James Strauss

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