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The Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce moves into the new world.

How much does the Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce take in during a regular year?
And where does that money come from?
And where does that money go?

These questions are similar to those asked of the utility department over the years, to which no answers were ever provided. This supposed Chamber is even more independent than the utility department, and even more illegal. They collect taxes from the local public by using the ruse of having the city collect the taxes and then give the money to them. Except the city doesn’t even get the money anymore. It goes straight to the chamber. This chamber. This whatever the hell non-profit it’s supposed to be.

It is supposed to be in existence to support small business’s up and down the downtown streets of Lake Geneva. What does it really do, however, this secretive money pot of a power center for Lake Geneva’s hiding crony culture? How about eight hundred thousand ($800,000) rolling in from the resorts. How about another hundred and seventy ($175,000) from the small businesses that are not resorts. That’s just about a million bucks a year, and for what? No accountability unless the chamber wants to do a show and tell all…and they don’t.

Their director is the single highest paid person in any official position around the lake. That’s where over a hundred grand a year goes. To the man who’s never seen. He’s around, except that he’s sort of not. Oh, and a big expensive website that’s about as dead as a doornail on the Internet. Pretty, but static. Doing nothing. Going nowhere. And what about those small businesses which are hoping to be helped by this supposed marketing behemoth? Nada. As in nothing. The little guys and gals. The money is going right back to those resorts. Resorts that one day the taxpayers and residents of Lake Geneva will decide that they can do without.

The Grand Geneva, Geneva National and The Abbey? They all have one thing in common. They pay the City of Lake Geneva no property or sales taxes at all. David Lindalow is the chairman of the board of the Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce. He is a good guy but can he take on this rolling behemoth of do nothing cash piles? He’s also the General Manager of the Abbey.

If he can take them on…will he?

Grandest Person in Our Place

Kevin Strickhouser Lake Geneva

Kevin Strickhouser is the cutting edge of Christmas enthusiasm. Kevin has been increasing his very elaborate animated Christmas light display since 2010. He now has approximately three hundred thousand lights. You can see this wonderfully gorgeous display at W5355 County Road ES North of Elkhorn at the beginning of December.


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