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If you don’t have the time, or don’t want to spend the energy, then you can simply let your local government or your local church run things for you. And if you think they are not already running things it’s because sitting back on your couch to watch Donald Trump on television does not give you the perspective needed to see things locally…where you work…where you live. The Geneva Shore Report was so injudicious as to point out possible problems going on at a local Lutheran Church. “That church”. The one that so many people came to the GSR and informed it that to ‘take them on’ would to be crushed. The GSR reflected for a bit and then decided to be crushed.

Again. The Lutheran leadership has purportedly banned flock members from going to the Geneva Java Coffee Shop because certain staff of the GSR drink coffee there and hang out. The church, having no real investigative arm, does not know that the GSR does not own the coffee shop, but maybe the mere presence of GSR folk there is enough. This guerilla move by the church exemplifies how churches down through the ages, and today, act as quasi-governments. The leadership of almost any church, and the Lutheran edifice in Lake Geneva is no different, begins to interpret the “word of God.” God is obviously not happy with the Geneva Shore Report, if you listen to that kind of claptrap. Maybe the best advice one could give to anyone, in light of this complimentary ban, is to go to the Geneva Java Coffee Shop if you think God is not favoring you. At least you will be among friends who are equally damned. Here’s the only real response that makes any sense to rumored bans and excommunications: “The GSR doesn’t give a rat’s ass who you are or what your organization does or represents. If you or it exists around Geneva Lake and play any role at all in how things happen anywhere around the lake, then you and it are fair game for looking into and reporting about.”

The mission of the GSR is to improve the image, ambiance, comfort and life of the lake and the people who live around it. That mission does not have the phrase ‘respect for leadership and special interests’ in it. A lot of wonderful people go to the Lutheran Church on a regular basis and do some pretty wonderful things. But the legacy of Jimmy and Tammy Baker should never be forgotten, as it is repeated across the land time after time after time. Jimmy Baker is out there again preaching the Gospel on regional television and selling more well-blessed lots for God. Be just as vigilant and skeptical of your church leaders as you are believing in the church itself.


Oops Apologies

Page one apologies and retractions. Last week the Geneva Shore Report apologized to Sal Sardina for getting the place wrong where he was accused of toying with the books. That was on page one, even though the story about it that was in error was not. That’s what the staff of the GSR does when reacting to information that it gets wrong. Try finding that in any other newspaper in America. The GSR is wrong a lot. Finding out about slick and nefarious stuff is tough. Just wait for the authorities to wade through the Panama Papers. It will take years and most probably the people revealed to be charlatans will mostly evade publication (unless the papers were sent to the GSR, in which case they would be published instantly and in the raw). If you read the GSR then get ready to become a skeptic, if you are not one already. The staff of the GSR, not quite larger than the staff of the Lake Geneva Regional News, is out around the lake each and every day, including weekends. Or simply wait until every Wednesday morning at about eleven when the hard copy issues hit the street. No apologies for what the paper is or does. If you want to view the GSR harshly then be the GSR’s guest, as the publication is a direct descendent and veritable clone of some news organizations of the twenties or thirties in America, and not much like a modern newspaper at all.

So you think you might just want to start investing a few small bucks and are looking at Charles Schwab to be your vehicle for that?

Usury Banking


So you think you might just want to start investing a few small bucks and are looking at Charles Schwab to be your vehicle for that? Well, smarten up. Schwab is not the only smiley-face but mean stock investment operation out there that brings you into the fold with that smile while having a padded mace behind its back. As soon as you sign up to open an account, and before they accept your money, they run your credit to see if you measure up to their high standard. That’s right, you may be so awful they won’t even let you give them money   The trend of companies like Schwab, and most banks, to not really want your deposits stems directly from the fact that the U.S. Federal Reserve loans unlimited zero interest cash to these companies (no you can’t get any of that) so they can then turn around and loan it out at interest rates that Jesus Christ would consider usury, much less anyone else. So that six or ten percent car loan you have is actually taxpayer money given to the bank or financial concern at zero percent by the Fed. Well, why should a bank pay you any percent on your money if you walk in to deposit it? They pay tiny little amounts just so the public will not catch on and that’s it. The public has to have repositories for its money and so American banks and financial institutions like Schwab have become necessary evils. They should be recognized for what they are. Your local bank branch is probably staffed with some pretty wonderful local people. They have nothing to do with the darkly bleak and talon-grasping Mr. Potters sitting in the home office behind that local branch pulling the strings and taking your money.


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