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Bergerson Boats.
The Bergerson Boat Co. has moved to Lake Geneva at 334 Interchange North, and the new location looks great! The very extensive remodel is close to being finished. The place looks very warm and inviting. The Bergersen team truly enjoys bringing new life to older wooden boats, and have created a beautiful facility to accommodate the boats and their hard work.

Bergerson Boat Works
Shephard Runabout from Bergerson Boat Works, Lake Geneva

The Bottle Shop on Main Street
The Bottle Shop has gone through another remodel and the result is a very modern and friendly atmosphere. There are more seats available at the bar area, and everyone has more room to meet, share some wine, and enjoy some snacks. The Bottle Shop also hosts events throughout the month like WOW (Women on Wine), which they offer on the third Wednesday of every month. Saturdays they offer wine tasting from one to four in the afternoon, and there are other fun events throughout the month.

Bottle Shop Visit

Person of the Week

Stephanie Klett, CEO of Visit Lake Geneva

Stephanie Klett is here and we love her! As the new CEO of Visit Lake Geneva, she is sure to do great things for the Geneva Lake area. Stephanie’s spunk and enthusiasm are contagious. Her experience and knowledge are top notch. Welcome to Lake Geneva Stephanie.


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