Lake Geneva’s Cemetery Board soon could no longer be in existence.
City officials have been discussing dissolving the Oak Hill Cemetery Board which is responsible for overseeing the city cemeteries and is funded from the sale of cemetery lots. The board includes five members who are appointed by the mayor and serve two-year terms. As of now, three of the five seats on the board are vacant and the last meeting was held in 2019, a meeting at which the last meeting to be held in December of 2019 was canceled. Part of the reason for wanting to dissolve the board is because they don’t meet very often and most of the board’s responsibility is being handled by public works. The public works department has worked on restoring headstones at Oak Hill Cemetery over the last few years, along with mowing and general maintenance. The Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Committee has unanimously agreed to dissolve the cemetery board but this action has yet to be approved by the city council. All responsibility will be transferred to public works (if approved) which should be a seamless transition as public works already prepares the operating budget for the cemeteries along with maintaining them. The remaining members of the board have been informed that it could be eliminated.  Not surprisingly, most members of the board are pretty much in their elder years.

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