It goes down to the wire and a whole lot in on the line…


Town of Linn has the opportunity to simply say no to the forces rushing headlong into destroying a public service that costs nothing and has rewarded humanity living around Lake Geneva for over three hundred years.  BigFoot Beach, the park inland of it and the north and south running passage that bifurcates it.  The elections have come and gone once again but the big meeting with respect to this vital issue is to be held in the hall at Town of Linn on the 13th of April at six p.m.  If you care about BigFoot then come.  Jim Weis, Board Chairman, assures that everyone will get a chance to speak on the issue.


Vapor!  It’s not about vapor stupid!  Who goes around, lies around or watches television inhaling Vape Cigarretes etiquettepleasant smelling flowery aromas from a plastic or glass tube?  Well, people do all the time, but most of them are not inhaling rose water fumes.  We all know what most of them are inhaling and we know where they get the equipment to inhale it.  There are several states where that is completely legal, medically prescribed and even for recreational use.  Wisconsin is not one of them.  Even in those states where the drug is now legal most people do not want to live around or associate with the people who sell the product or the equipment to use it.

Does Lake Geneva want to be the destination for people acquiring their stuff?  Most Lake Geneva residents might argue that an occasional puff from a “flavored” cigarette, pipette or bong is harmless.  It probably is.  Does that mean that the people associated with the industry should find a pleasant local home in Lake Geneva for marketing their products?  Only the public, living and voting around Lake Geneva, can make that decision through representative government.

Mayor Jim Connors Lake GenevaIt is time to call city hall.  The mayor’s name is Jim Conners.  He’s not a bad guy, in spite of what you might have read here.  Call him.  Make your concerns and feelings known.

262 243-0378 Mayor Jim Connors. 

Two “vapor” stores have opened in the downtown of Lake Geneva.  Another is planned.

There is power in collective citizenship. 

Use it.


Pop More Corks.  Is this great wine store staying or leaving?  The inventory is going down at the same speed that Radio Shack’s went down.  There is no word on whether the terrific guy who owns and operates it wants to continue.  Rumors abound about businesses coming and going as everyone gets ready for a most productive summer season just ahead.

Pop More Corks Lake Geneva

Parking raises its ugly set of Luke II heads.  Yes, it’s time to get really mad at the city all over again this year.  A parking system that is about as cracked as one of those Easter eggs you couldn’t proceed to dye, but had to eat. Nobody can digest the current parking system, except those reaping the benefits.  Look for the Lake Geneva parking disease to spread not be cured.


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