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Lake Geneva city government can get involved in the strangest and seemingly the smallest of issues.
Right now, the head of the Street Department is lobbying for two private pier companies (actually, piers that rent out boats and wave runners) located just east of where the municipal pier sits jutting out as if it is an extension of Center Street.  These private pier companies want a special place dedicated to parking their fuel truck, so they can run their portable tanks back and forth without trouble because that whole stretch of Wrigley is currently consumed on the south side with boats getting ready to be launched or being retrieved from the water.  That stretch is the only ‘staging’ area the vehicles with trailers have.

A special chunk of that area along the curb, dedicated to one private fuel truck, set there to service private businesses that pay very little in the way of return to the city, is not something that favors the city or its residents.  Most of those boats and wave runners are not rented out by locals, by any measure.  If there is a hardship to be suffered there then it should be hardship endured by the boat rental piers and not the users of the municipal pier paying good hard cash to launch and recover their boats.  This issue went before the Piers and Harbor commission and passed.  Now it has to go before the city council where, hopefully, the favoritism being directed toward these two private pier operations will be recognized as such and stomped like a scorpion on a hot desert day. Tom Earle, public works director, is heavily in favor of the pier favoring private parking slot.  He, of course, does not, never has, nor ever will know the owners of those piers.

Lake Geneva Oktoberfest 2020 is canceled.
Oktoberfest celebration is one of the bigger events held annually in Lake Geneva. 
The festivities seem to grow every year, starting with the one block along Broad Street, then Flat Iron Park was added, and last year portions of Geneva St. were added. The Topsy Turvy Brewery was hoping to have its opening debut last year but it wasn’t quite ready to open and so had its sights on Oktoberfest 2020. The owner of the brewery is disappointed but understanding about the cancellation. The idea of having Oktoberfest spread out to different areas of downtown was mentioned at previous BID meetings but with the lack of an events person, or an executive director, the manpower to put together this huge event to be dispersed to different areas of the city wasn’t there. The BID hopes to have everything in place and ready to go next year and plans to make Oktoberfest 2021 and other community events the grandest ever.

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Joni Younger, Lake Geneva

Joni Yunker and her adorable granddaughter. Great lady, great, business owner, and a great representative of the people as a local Alderperson.

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