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The availability of liquor licenses in Lake Geneva is limited.
The regular licenses are all accounted for, and only one of the reserve licenses is still available. This could change in the coming months. At last week’s Finance, License, and Regulation Committee meeting, Mayor Tom Hartz presented an updated application to add more structure to the process of obtaining a liquor license in Lake Geneva. It was presented at city council last evening but was reflected back to FLR for additional clarification. This discussion comes just in time, as one or two licenses may be going back on the available list.

The Mayor informally discussed the future possibility of the Red Geranium Restaurant on Edwards Boulevard, selling, and the potential buyer’s plan would include the razing of the current building and replacing it with retail space and a Jiffy Lube. The other liquor license that could go back to the city is Carvetti’s/Northsider’s. This business has been noticeably not open for quite some time, and this fact has been questioned by committee members regarding the compliance of the liquor license regulations. This could free up a couple more licenses but no available licenses would be expected to last long, as there is a waiting list.

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