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The guns of August return.
And here we thought they might rest for a bit, at least. The gun club is riding back into Zenda with great zeal and abandon. Maureen (Bonnie) and Cully (Clyde) will be sitting at the plan commission meeting on Monday night to attempt to once more allow this gun club, with firing to be done not more than 300 feet from residential homes, and not more than a mile from the nearest school, as the crow flies.

Jim, “worshipful master” of political expertise in Town of Linn (where he’s chairman of the town board) and in Williams Bay (where he’s city administrator) will be out of town spending time in Northern Wisconsin. So, what of the gun club that just barely avoided being voted down the last time it was up? Well, it’s roaring back to life with Jim’s absence and the passage of time (like maybe nobody opposed to it will be around for this end of summer session).

Well, the Geneva Shore Report is going to be around, and it’s going to be “gunning” for this plan to bring firearms closer into the residential environment packing. No pun intended. True to form on Monday night Cully and Maureen voted as expected. But the rest of the commission (Borgi, Alex, and Gardiner) voted no. This rejection is not a true rejection, however. This means that the issue will have to be taken back to the town board for its final vote next week, or next month. Jim Weiss, political grandmaster, may well have to vote on the issue, but then again, he may figure out another way to avoid making that pesky decision. Frank Lettenberger, from Delavan, was called in to speak on behalf of the gun operation. He spoke eloquently, smooth-tongued orator as he definitely is, but to no avail.  At least not yet. He is a persistent Perry Mason kind of attorney though.

There’s a new sheriff in town.
Well, not really. Mike Rasmussen, the chief of the Lake Geneva Police Department, has no competitors, and the force he oversees does magnificent work. The new “sheriff” is a part-time city administrator. Lake Geneva ran without a city administrator for two weeks. Blaine Oborn left the position on August 6th and headed to Washington for his new position. David Brenner was hired as the Interim City Administrator for Lake Geneva on August 16th with unanimous support from the city council who all agreed Brenner was the guy for the job. David Brenner started on August 20th, and for the next three or four months, he will oversee the ins and outs of City Hall. As qualified as Brenner is for the position he will not be a candidate for the permanent administrator. The hunt for a permanent City Administrator is still ongoing; recruiters have been hired and are on the job. All this is happening as we start the city’s budget season. What’s the likelihood a temporary administrator will put his whole heart into what’s best for the city when he is only here for a short time? What kind of mess will the new permanent administrator have to look forward to?

Persons of the Week

Persons of the Week

Teya (age eleven) and Liby (age ten), from California, didn’t let seaweed brought in by high winds and waves onto the sand Monday afternoon keep them from enjoying the beach, but instead proudly created a “seaweed castle,” made from the beautiful green tangly weed.

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