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2018 Streets of Lake Geneva Christmas window display winners are as follows:

Social Media: C.R. Goodfinds 731 W. Main Street

Community choice: Bottle Shop 617 W. Main Street

Best use of merchandise: Gallery 223, 223 Broad Street

Best over-all Badger High School student displayTres’ Belle Boutique 233 Broad Street

Best Use of theme (The Grinch Who Stole Christmas): Edie Boutique 737 W. Main Street

Best over-all display: Kilwin’s Lake Geneva 772 W. Main Street


Laura Washer.
The Williams Bay Chief came home from the hospital where she spent months up in northern Wisconsin following a bad motorcycle accident. The

Laura Washer Police Chief

Laura Washer, terminated Williams Bay Police Chief

physical effects on her body were monumental, and the therapy to allow her to recover over the last year and a half since her return has been grueling and lengthy. Laura Washer is one of about 120 female police chiefs in the nation (National Chiefs of Police Association figure), and her tenure had barely begun before she had the accident up north. When she got out of the hospital and returned to Williams Bay almost a year after her accident earlier this year, she was welcomed home with much celebration, sympathy, understanding, and even honor. The welcoming was heartwarming. It was like she had come home wounded from a war (well, any war other than Vietnam).

But then, like what happens to so many veterans, the people in leadership positions began to draw back from her. The excuses, like those about war veterans, are similar. She was too injured. She took too long in recovery. There were others to replace her. That she is a woman police chief to be replaced by a male was never mentioned. But the men involved in this heartless exercise of male dominance are Bill Duncan, righteous president of the town board in Williams Bay, George Vlach, a board trustee and ruling head of the protective services committee, and finally her ‘replacement,’ an officer named Chris Severt.

Basically, the board told Washer to take a hike without telling her to take a hike. Her services are no longer needed because she has not been signed off by a doctor to do patrol duties. That Chris Severt does not do patrol duties as her ‘interim’ replacement is admitted, but those three ‘shaven lemurs come down from the trees’ decision-makers don’t seem to care in the least. Washer got her quiet ‘velvet handcuff’ walking papers on December 3rd, in time to really get into the Christmas carols, tree decorating and the remainder of wonderful celebrations going on for Christmas.   In a way, she’s being given a taste of playing George Bailey, as portrayed in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

Is the Village of Williams Bay going to go along with this travesty? That remains to be seen. The Village of Williams Bay has certainly had leadership in place that has been willing to do absolutely nothing about the key anchor property of the entire lake, and not just the village, taking a hike, as well. What has become of this rather idyllic lakeside community, and more importantly, how does it seem that such a community of great heart could hire or elect some men who seem to have none of that kind of quality organ beating in their ‘lemur-like’ chests?

Person of the Week

Jim Stoller of Nice Rink

Jim Stoller is the great guy behind the the Nice Rink Ice Rink in Flat Iron Park. Jim has a lot of fun installing ice rinks for both personal and public use. Jim started this ice rink company years ago when he wanted a rink for his son to practice his hockey skills on. How perfect that now he and his son do the work together.


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