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Another local election is coming soon.
The spring election of 2021 is four months away, and candidates (and possible candidates) are getting ready to run. Lake Geneva has four alderperson seats to fill, either by an unopposed incumbent or a new candidate. There are four alderpersons up for election. Current alderpersons Straube, Halverson, Hedlund, and Howell are up for reelection, and the word on the street is at least one will not be unopposed. The Lake Geneva City Judge is also up for reelection. The City of Lake Geneva City does provide general guidelines to assist in the process to ensure candidate’s names appear on the election ballots. New candidates need to start planning ahead and start collecting signatures. Forty signatures need to be collected from residents of the district they are running for office. Signatures collected do not necessarily need to be voting for that candidate, but believe the candidate would be suitable as an alderperson. Paperwork, including signatures, needs to be in by January 5, 2021. Election day is on April 6, 2021.


December 17th comes down upon all of those who live or reside in Town of Linn.
The Geneva Shore Report continues to report on the strangest actions of some of the supposed citizenry of the Town of Linn. These citizens want pure libertarianism if the effects of their actions are to be believed…at least for what they might purport to want. Shutting down the local government does what? Ends payment for services to the fire and police department? Ends all financial dealings and the raising of money through taxation? Really? Have the effects of the virus reached mental areas heretofore unannounced or unknown? The big meeting to resolve this mess is at Seven p.m. on the 17th of December at the firehouse, which is little more than a week off. Be there for the next go around, as this strange, nearly alien-seeming group of people, clusters together to once again go to war with its own kind. The show should be worth the attendance.


Cindy Flower.
Every time this woman does something that seems a bit gratingly illogical, she reverses course and does something else, or makes some effort, that is spot on. At the personnel committee meeting held on Monday night, the council was presented with proposals by David Nord, the city administrator, to increase the pay of almost all appointed and hired city employees. Those modest increases, amounting generally to two percent, were quickly approved. When a proposal to raise the compensation paid to elected officials was presented, however, it was resoundingly voted down. Cindy wisely objected. It has been seven years since the city council members, and the mayor, have received one cent more for what they do. They are among the worst paid city workers. An alderperson makes about three hundred and forty bucks a month, gross. The mayor gets about five hundred. Cindy pointed out the simple fact that for the hours they work, the responsibility they have, the liability and accountability they must always be sensitive to, that they should be given a raise. Cindy, doing the right thing, got voted down. The Geneva Shore Report stands with Cindy Flower on this issue. She’s right. There is no one connected to the GSR who works for or has relatives or family working for the City of Lake Geneva. Objectively looked at, in that case, the pay for these people should be doubled, at the very least, and that’s also considering the effects of the virus. We need this council and the mayor even more than we did before! Cindy is going to put this item on the agenda for the next meeting. It’s important that the citizenry responds in support of Cindy and the most important correction she’s trying to make.

Santa Arrived

Santa & Reindeer Lake Geneva

Santa, Mrs Clause, elf helpers, reindeerCupid and reindeer in training Mistletoe at the Lake Geneva Riviera last Saturday!

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