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Town of Linn’s brutal and nasty antics continue.
Chris Jones, the seemingly nice lady of some hefty strength, has filed a lawsuit against the Town of Linn.  Yes, she filed on the 28th of January, paying the $184.00 to go after the town for whom she is supposedly is a board member.  I write ‘supposedly’ simply because her behavior as a board member bears no resemblance to anything that might be considered board responsible, intelligent, or representative of her constituents. Stay tuned to this spot.


Town of Linn primary election.
A big one.  Chris Jones and Kathy Leith almost destroyed the Town of Linn, using a political device that allowed them to gather a small group of farmer supporters and take over a town meeting nobody thought to show up to in November. Jim Weiss and others got together and saved the town, saved the fire department, the police department, the street department, and all those jobs, not to mention the services those wonderful employees provide to the residents, property owners, and visitors.  But Chris Jones is not done.  She’s sued the Town and she’s trying to install a city clerk in this coming election so she can pull the guts out of the town from the inside instead of merely attacking from the outside.  Her ‘Pearl Harbor’ failed, but, unlike Hawaii at the time of that attack, the Town of Linn has some inside opposition lurking to do her bidding.  There’s a primary coming up on the 16th of this month, so this is the last issue of the GSR before that primary.  Chris Jones has her shill candidate ready to go and his name is   Do with that information what you will but showing up to vote would be a good idea.

Persons of the Week

Rhonda and Buddy Francis in Lake Geneva

Rhonda & Buddy Francis came all the way from Florida to enjoy Some Winter fun. Great couple and a pleasure to meet.

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