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The Lake Geneva library is contemplating some remodeling.
The architectural firm of FEH Design of Oconomowoc has been retained for the development of conceptual plans. This plain is in the early stages, where ideas and thoughts can be tossed around between the library officials, library staff, and the public. Ideas being pondered include enhancing the view of the lake, as well as looking for a way to add more space to the community areas. Emily Kornak the Library Director has a very large office and has volunteered that space to the common good. This Frank Lloyd Wright building is an architectural gem and that should remain intact. One city official has suggested, (not sure if he was alone on this idea), the possibility of a coffee shop in the library. The concept of a coffee shop is not completely out of the realm of possibility as many libraries around the country have remodeled or are built with a modern flow similar to a Barnes and Noble bookstore.  Let’s hope it can be done without ruining the original design of a historic building by the talent of a once in a lifetime architect.


The Riviera is almost ready for the work crew to do their thing.
Now that Winterfest is done the remaining scaffolding can be placed on the front or north side of the building. The roof and tuckpointing will begin as soon as the material is delivered, which is expected to be by the end of this week. The next step will be the window replacement, but the question of what windows will be changed and what will be replaced with is still unanswered. The Riviera Complex is an iconic historical structure, and city officials would like it to remain that way. Many of the people that call Lake Geneva home agree. The Historical Society determines if a building can be on the list and recognized as a historic building, but that comes with a lot of rules and requirements. The original look must be mimicked to make the list. The first floor is getting a much needed remodel and it starts with the windows which are small and do not allow much natural light, which results in a dark and gloomy feel. In the original remodel plan the windows were to be replaced with floor to ceiling windows to open the Riviera up and create a warm inviting welcome. The piers, harbor, and lakefront committee thought the historical society would work with them, but unfortunately, the window change would be too big a change. The next decision that needs to be made, is whether it is more important to be on the historic registry or having a building that meets more modern needs?


Save the date…
Next Monday, February 10th is the big joint meeting of the Council and Plan Commission in the city hall at 6 p.m.

This meeting will be the comprehensive public hearing and followed by the plan commission consideration and resolution recommending adoption, both the city council members and plan commissioners will be present. As always the public will get a chance to speak and voice concerns. This is not the final meeting regarding the comprehensive plan. There will be a city council meeting on Monday, February 24th for consideration of the plan adoption and then a final production and distribution of the final adopted plan on Monday, March 2nd.

Person of the Week

Bethany Souza Visit Lake Geneva

Bethany Souza is the newest team member of Visit Lake Geneva and they are lucky to have her. Bethany is well known to coordinate grand events and making it look effortless and fun in the Lake Geneva area. Winterfest 2020 was her latest canvas!

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