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Dennis “Conserve My Butt” Jordan. Supposedly, the worst City Administrator in Lake Geneva’s history, is head of the Geneva Lake Conservancy. That is the organization that conserves expensive property and homes for the wealthy around the lake. They have plenty of money because there is such a great need to protect those things. It appears that this conservancy, after laying there dormant for quite awhile since Chuck (I’ve got better wealthy things to do) Colman decided to spend more time with the other hidden away ‘real’ owners of the water.

The lake is owned by everyone, but the water is owned by “those people.” This cold blooded conservancy wants to buy the wetlands part of the  Hillmoor property. They want to carve off six or seven acres to establish walking paths and other typically environmentally friendly pursuits. Their idea of buying anything is like their idea of being environmentally friendly. They just got the City of Lake Geneva to spring for a $1,250.00 feasibility study to see if such a plan might be a good one. The GLC (Geneva Lake Conservancy) spends not a dime. Does that not sound like the super-wealthy around Lake Geneva, and just about all around the world, these days? And what about the price the current owners might charge for the property? The city can trade them (in one of their closed door secret favorable zoning deals) to make the price really low. Then all they have to do is keep the records of that meeting secret, like Jordan did with the Hummel records, and then eventually they can be burned. What contract zoning? What are you talking about? Dan “small ball” Draper can wave his magical small wand over the legal aspects, like he always does. When is Lake Geneva going to get a city attorney that does more than act like a bureaucratic gerbil?


Josh Gajewski Lake Geneva

Josh Gajewski, Director of Lake Geneva Water and utility Departent

Josh Gajewski. The summer wind came blowin’ in from across the sea…and it blew this delightful welcoming man in with it. Now the winter winds blow cold and hard, but the man remains, to take the heat his predecessor left, like red hot embers, burning long and bright. Josh is the City of Lake Geneva’s new utility director. That’s a new title so that he does not get the idea that he’s Dan Winkler. He gets to keep the big wooden desk Winkler broke in, with the help of his secretary, over at the water department. He also gets to keep Dan’s voicemail and answering phone services. Josh was told on Monday to get cracking on changing those robotic messages because there is no way he wants to be confused with his predecessor. And, sure enough, thanks to “Utah Blaine” Oborn, Lake Geneva’s gunfighter city administrator, and Mayor “Straight Arrow” Kupsik, and the city council, this young man is nothing at all like his predecessor.

There is no “gaming” in the man, and little guile. It’s almost like the guy was born and raised in Southern Wisconsin! Great things are expected from this young man, and the Geneva Shore Report staff would like to welcome him to town and to the complexities he may not yet fully grasp that his predecessor left him.

Morning in Lake Geneva

Fog in Lake Geneva

You may ask why there is a beautiful photo of a London park in our paper, but this isn’t London. It’s a foggy day along Geneva Lake from Wrigley Drive.


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