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The Fairfield.
It’s turning out to be what it is touted to be, a low-priced place where overnight stays, as an alternative to what has become two hundred dollars a night rooms during the summers of Lake Geneva, won’t cost an arm and a leg. The place is a Fairfield Inn, however, so it is good news that it is not located right next to the water near the Rivera Pier Complex. There are already a couple of hotels on adjacent land that simply do not look that good. But the Fairfield does not make its money or gain its clientele from being an architectural wonderland of stunning beauty. If you need a bright room for the night, in a place that’s clean and cheap, close enough to town to have good access but not so close as to be too close, then the Fairfield is perfect. The GSR, a big supporter of the Fairfield, will be publishing rates for rooms just as the place opens in early September, or maybe even later in August.


Bob’s Beach Shack Update:
To be exact, here’s how Bob’s day went on Monday. Fines have been given to businesses in downtown Lake Geneva that are not in compliance with the city sidewalk ordinance. Bob, from Bob’s Beach Shack, gave an update and was surprised to find out that a piano can now be displayed in front of his store, as long as it’s not played! Bob received a letter over a week ago, along with the other businesses downtown containing the ordinance mentioned, and an attachment of the updated ordinance stating what is now allowed and what is not allowed. Businesses are now able to put chairs, flower pots, and yes, a piano, if they would like, in front of their store., but no merchandise. At the time when the new ordinance came out, Bob was still considered non-compliant with the ordinance because of the items in his alcove that are purchasable items. Bob has done some research and found that the alcove is considered a recessed part of an existing building and does not fall under the category of the merchandise being displayed “outside.”

All Cleaned Up

Bob's Beach Shack Lake Geneva

Bob has cleared his alcove of all merchandise and is looking forward to his day in court.

Bob feels he should be allowed to display merchandise because he pays rent on the cove area. He does not feel the city can regulate the space because it is not a city sidewalk and the city, therefore, doesn’t have grounds to cite him. As long as Bob is considered in non-compliance, however, he is to be fined a one hundred to one hundred and eighty-seven dollars a day. Well, that is exactly what happened. On Monday, July 22nd, Bob was cited with a fine of $187.00 fine and will receive that daily until he meets whatever definition the word compliance is being interpreted to mean. Bob decided to comply for now, and has removed his items from the space, but will be fighting this in Lake Geneva Municipal Court on August 22nd. Bob believes that the overwhelming public support voiced for him and his Beach Shack, along with the definition of the space being questioned, is the only defense he needs. Stand by, Judge Sibbing.

Person of the Week

Cody Cole Lake Geneva

Cody Cole, the wonderful intelligent conversationalist at the Lake Geneva AT&T store. Stop in and say Hi, Cody will make your day!


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