Chuck Coleman has been chairman of the Lake Geneva Conservancy for a few years. He’s now rumored to be leaving that position. To call Mr. Coleman a conservation oriented person, much less chairman of a committee with that word in its name, is similar to saying that those shotgun hunters who keep Duck’s Unlimited going are really all about taking kindly care of ducks. Mr. Coleman is moving on, which should be good news for those around the lake who are truly interested in conservancy, except for one thing. Mr. Coleman is grooming none other than Dennis Jordon, former dancing queen city administrator of Lake Geneva, to be his replacement.

What is Lake Geneva to expect from this likely change?

Maybe the introduction of zebra clams, or lamprey eels or even quite possibly tumbleweeds to the lake environment. Mr. Chuck Coleman Lake Use CommitteColeman sits on the Lake Use Committee, as well as chairing the conservancy. The LUC is the only committee or group of community leaders charged with looking after the entire lake. Is Mr. Jordon going to sit on that committee, as well? As His meanness Jordon rears up and appears with another of his hydra-like heads rising, there are no surprised expressions on the faces of the Geneva Shore Report staff members. First, the Fire and Police Commission.

Now the conservancy?
What’s next?
The world!
Uber alles!

“T” is moving on. Teresa, a past city library employee, Lake Geneva’s last treasurer (before a brain damaged Lake Geneva City Council gutted that position) and most recently, assistant to the city clerk, is retiring to Grand Haven, Michigan with her husband of many years, Ken. Teresa was a wildly valuable, and wonderfully powerful force working just beneath the surface of the Lake Geneva bureaucracy. She is terrific, and she will be badly missed by so many people. All the Geneva Shore Report can say is thank you.
Thank you, Teresa, for being such a high quality employee that any self-respecting city would be lucky to have you watching out for it. Lake Geneva’s Library, and the community itself, were lucky to have you as long as they did. There’s a small party being held, in her honor, at the Tuscan Restaurant on Broad Street. Thursday. After work. Around five. Go say goodbye, and Thank You.

Alderman Kordus Lake Geneva WIYou really have to hand it to the Lake Geneva Finance Committee and City Council for watching where the taxpayer’s pennies get spent. The students at Badger tried to get their half hour homecoming celebration and parade approved without paying the $40.00 fee. Alderperson Kordus, noted campaign finance chairman for Governor Scott Walker, went straight to his neocon roots and argued that the kids don’t need to be doing any ‘free loading’ on the city, to entertain themselves. “What’s wrong with them giving up some of their lunch money?”
Meanwhile, the same Kold Kordus, secretly twirling his pencil thin mustache when not sitting on the Lake Geneva City Council, has no trouble voting to approve big-ticket projects to help his friends. And he regularly supports all the crazed, and downright loony, actions the Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce wants to pull.

Pop More Corks is popping its last cork this, week and will henceforth be called the Bottle Shop. You know the fine wine shop located across from the museum on Main Street. The new joint will be run by Elizabeth Tumas, starting Thursday, August 6th. It is presumed that the bottles she sells will contain wine, but that is only rumor. Dave Biegemann, former owner of Pop More Corks, will still be around doing his special wine classes, but Elizabeth is the dynamo who’ll be directing the action, and popping more corks.
Elizabeth has come up from Twin Lakes to take over this operation. Try not to treat her like she’s from Kenosha County, as she’s one of our own now.

The new Bottle Shop Lake Geneva

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