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Wrigley Drive is “up for grabs” again.
Cindy Flower is the leading nemesis now, apparently wanting to shut that vital corridor down and do away with the parking revenue it generates at this desperate time. And spend millions to take out the road and make the whole area into a promenade for a giant megaplex of a resort? Do not forget that Roger “The Rabbit,” the city’s expensively hired consultant was behind the first recommendation to the city, which was to turn the library and good bit of the area around it, into a resort hotel. Mike Keefe did not miss that, and neither did some of his well-heeled cronies, like Mr. Wolfe. The issue just happens to get the agenda of the public works committee, which Cindy chairs. The coming closure being considered would begin by cutting off the north side of the drive because all of the Restaurant Row has put out their annual summer outdoor seating very close to the curb.


It’s about the booze
Last week the Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Committee met and discussed some important topics in Lake Geneva, all regarding liquor licenses. Su Wings has changed ownership from an LLC to individuals and will be returning its reserve liquor license back to the city. It applied for a wine liquor license, which was approved. Liquor licenses are difficult to come by in Lake Geneva. Next on the agenda was Northsider’s, which has been a hot topic for quite a while. There was no discussion amongst the committee members, and it went straight to a vote in which they denied Northsider’s the renewal of its liquor license. That means two could be coming back to the city. Sprecher’s was also on the agenda, regarding its liquor license and management company change. The current management company holds the liquor license and would like to transfer it to the new management company, so it can open its doors in July. The committee had mixed emotions regarding the transfer, so they passed it to the council with no recommendation.


Covid-19 testing coming soon to Elkhorn or Lake Geneva. Walworth County did have a testing site that was shared with Rock and Jefferson Counties recently in Whitewater. That was not well attended. So, planning began for another drive-thru testing site. The location is undecided, Elkhorn is the first choice and Lake Geneva is the second. The information will be announced in the very near future.

Person of the Week

Carl Kramer, artist

Carl Kramer is a talented watercolorist that comes to Lake Geneva for inspiration


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