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The parking game. What’s going on in the free municipal building/Lake Geneva Museum parking lot? It seems that there is a bit of this “hog parking” going on. What’s that? There have been reports in the larger cities across the country that people have been using lawn furniture, cones, cardboard boxes, or whatever, to block parking spaces that become available. Those places are reserved for friends or family that have not shown up yet. Outrage sets in and a lot of fights and auto damage have resulted from instances of this practice being conducted. It appears that Lake Geneva is being visited by the parking hogs. At least, that mid-line parking you see in a photo placed in this issue, would seem to indicate that. People are hogging two spots until a friend shows up and then the first hog moves and the second hog takes the now available slot.

Parking Hog Lake Geneva

The parking hog syndrome comes to visit the municipal parking lot in Lake Geneva.
Here is a car parked, taking up two spaces…one for her or his car and one for a friend when the friend shows up. Bad manners and bad business


What’s the deal with all the dead fish washing up on the lake’s shores? There’s a fish mystery going on around Geneva Lake. Many fish are turning belly up on the beaches and along the back yard rocks of waterside homes around the lake. What is killing the fish? Theories range from runoff of fertilizer by the many farms around the lake, insecticide runoff from the homes, the rapidly changing water temperatures, and also something to do with rapid algae growth. Some people also seem to feel that the occurrence is simply normal and occurs every few years. The same thing happened in Beaver Dam, but the officials there attributed it to closing a sluice, causing the water to become too still…thereby losing oxygen. The real reason for the fish die off in Geneva Lake is unknown, but there’s no question it created a very uncomfortable aroma during the recent heat wave.

Dead Fish Lake Geneva

Dead Fish Lake Geneva

Dead fish did not add any enjoyment to the Father’s Day weekend with an aroma that
drove many people away from the lake. This shot was taken on the north shore near the Lake Geneva Beach.

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