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Rotten delivery. Lake Geneva’s delivery truck problem is not going away. It is only going to get worse, as these behemoths are allowed to drive and park wherever they want, whenever they want, and in nearly every place they want. Everyone living in and around Lake Geneva knows about them because they encounter them all the time. Huge semi-truck trailers block Main Street, Broad and Center. Some park along curbs, but many park right in the center of the street. Other vehicles have to make their way as best they can, usually going into opposing lanes, to get around them. Trucks do not have special dispensation to violate city parking ordinances. They are given special dispensation by city officials because they are “delivering” goods to the merchants that need the goods. Nobody can argue with that. This silly allowance for trucks must end. It creates liability. The city should be responsible for accidents resulting from its own malfeasance in enforcing local ordinances. So far it has avoided that, simply because most drivers think they are at fault in such accidents. They are not, and drivers reading this article should know that if they become involved in a truck blocking accident. A new parking ordinance needs to be passed requiring large fines for this kind of unsafe delivery. There are plenty of ways for merchants to get their deliveries and such an ordinance would encourage them to make their truckers find one (like using the alleys, using trolleys and smaller trucks).


The road. Which road? South Lake Shore Drive that Willkomm tore the hell out of to build a sewer? Or would that be South Lake Shore Drive along BigFoot where Humphries is putting in giant boulders over plastic cladding to stop the lake erosion? Both projects have signs just like the Highway 50 project in front of Winkler’s Utility Department. “Find an Alternate Route.” Good grief. Find one where? Do most people driving into Lake Geneva on weekends have Siri iPhones where they can say “Siri, find me an alternate route?” Maybe they do. But the roads coming into Lake Geneva don’t really have alternate routes that don’t involve huge detours and complex solutions. What happened to the old detour direction signs of old? How about some arrows showing an alternate route?


What’s left of the road? They came in, those guys and gals from Willkomm, and they tore up South Lake Shore Drive from one end of Lake Geneva to the other. They did it all wrong above ground, and God only knows what they did underground. What’s the result on the surface? Willkomm “healed” the road, using three inches of fresh asphalt. Driving across the dips and valleys feels like crossing the craters of the moon to passing motorists. Is that it? Will they be back to resurface the entire road? Why does the entire staff of the Geneva Shore Report think not? It’s almost impossible to see the double yellow lines in the center of the road anymore. For certain there was no budget for repainting those lines in the mightily blow away profit stuffed into that stinking sewer contract. Now a new budget will have to be carved out. What do you want to bet the “no bid” contract will go

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American Legion Post 24 Hot Dog Stand

The American Legion Post 24 Hot Dog Stand and Ben Host, the veteran who runs it. Note the dog that woman waiting for a brat sent to visit the Geneva Shore Report investigator. The investigator ran after snapping this shot. The hot dog stand is doing terrific, however!

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