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There’s an old wooden basketball court floor still laying under the later flooring of the recently closed Williams Bay School. That wood has been down there for some time (put there when the school was originally built in 1916) and it has a certain value. The new high school in Williams Bay would like to have that wood for their basketball court, but there’s a problem. The new floor at the old high school was built a couple of feet higher than the original. There’s a crawl space between the floors. You can’t just send in a couple of dads with saws-all’s, hammers and chisels to go in and bang, cut it out.

Fred Gahl is the new owner of the old school. He was perfectly willing to let the new school have the old wood, but he required that whatever crew did the job had to be licensed, bonded and insured for the job. One would thing that such a request was quite reasonable. And Fred is an entirely reasonable and generous man. When citizen parents complained that they had gotten together to build a climbing wall at their own expense, Fred gave them the wall back after the sale, something he wasn’t legally required to do. The new school does not want to pay the expense of having the job done to such ‘rigid’ requirement, so, for now, the wood stays under the new floor of the old building.

Springtime in Our Place



Springtime Lake Geneva

A kid in a diaper. The sand, The water. A kite. Family. Spring is here.

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