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Grand opening of the Geneva Theater.
Okay, so it was a ‘soft’ opening when the Geneva Theater opened the other night and showed the movie “Logan.” The place is an absolute design and technological masterpiece, set down in the very center of Lake Geneva. On Monday the outside lights went on and it was like going back in time. The theater’s marque, and lights, and the whole experience are so welcome that you don’t even realize it until you enter the place. You just want to have some popcorn and walk around. The first two floors are where the theaters are, the seats are all those new rock-back leather recliners, with plenty of room. The back rows (and some box seats) in the big main theater have even larger chairs with tables in front of them for food and libations. The theater is now open. The movie schedule isn’t published, yet, but as soon as it’s released the Geneva Shore Report will post it on its website, and then in next week’s hard copy. The theater was on a tough deadline to open and it made it, but there are still some growing pains with the finish work, so be prepared to put up with a bit of that, as you make your way around the place. Check out the doors into the different theaters. Those were designed by Charley McKay, and assembled by himself and his able assistant Billy Otto. Both of those guys are more artist than blue collar construction guys, and their work shows it. The colors used in the interior design are also something to behold. At first a bit jarring, but then warmly comforting. And the sound from the new ten-foot-tall speakers is something else again. Not too loud but meeting any demand of audio purists. You’ve got to go. You’re going to love the experience.

Geneva Theater Fire System

Genva Theater Fire Suppression System

So you were thinking about building or buying an old theater. Check out
the new 25 grand fire suppression system (that’s for just what you see here and not the nozzles
and controls) installed at the modernized Lake Geneva Theater.


The Dairy Queen sign is gone.
Well, not totally gone, but it’s not out there on public display anymore. The sign, after the Geneva Shore Report ran its report about the public ugliness of it last week, has now been moved from the front of the building parking lot to the back area where nobody can see it unless they go looking. The parking lot has also been cleaned up and the property now looks like property sitting there waiting for some new business person to come along and either buy or lease it. Thank you Dairy Queen, or the property owners, or the City of Lake Geneva. It’s unknown as of this issue’s publication, what entity stepped up to do the creditable job of cleaning up that mess.

More Sign Damage

Fat Cats Damaged sign Lake Geneva

Here is the new sign for the bar down next to Speedo’s Harborside Grill. The place is called Fat Cats but with a little help from the high winds on Tuesday morning it’s now Fa Fats.

Strong Winds in Lake Geneva


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