Lake Geneva Chapter of the American Legion.
This organization, like the Veterans of Foreign Wars (except the VFW requires that members be veterans and be able to prove that they served in a foreign war or in a time of war while the legion does not require that), is running Carry Conceal classes. In fact, the organization isn’t running the classes, some really strange and intimidating guy out of Milwaukee is running the classes and charging seventy-five bucks a person to do so.  The Legion is supposed to be a repository for returning veterans to gather, discourse, and heal up, not a place to train for the use of operating weaponry at home.  The Legion is also not legally entitled to advertise another business on its property, but the city has extended a temporary business permit anyway.  The Legion is also a very large server of liquor (not taxed by governmental decree) and yet weapons are going to be on-site and weapons training conducted there.

The big signs indicating that this training is going to occur in June are the major concern of the GSR.  These are not the times to be advertising guns or the use of them at all. We are trying to get through demonstrations by organizations like the Proud Boys and BLM, to name a few.  Does the city really need to advertise gun training in this potentially heated environment?  Lake Geneva has remained distantly uninvolved with these heated groups of gathered humans, regardless of the righteous justification of causes.  Lake Geneva would most probably like to keep it that way.  Get rid of the signs.  Train in shooting whomever or whatever you want in the basement.  Come and go quietly and try not to act like aggressive aggrieved and lurkingly-armed anthropoids.  We come in peace and we want to remain that way upon getting here.  The author of this article, incidentally, is a paid-up for life member of the American Legion and the VFW.


Coronavirus 19 Update.
As of May 10, 2021, there were 45 confirmed cases in Walworth County. No new hospitalizations and no new deaths. 37% of the population is fully vaccinated. News on the vaccines is coming in fast. The FDA has given Pfizer approval for 11 to 15-year-olds to be able to get vaccinated and 6 and older could be as soon as late summer. It has also been reported that Pfizer followed by Moderna will be fully approved by the FDA in little as a month. For those of you worried about the original emergency approval, you may now rest easy, as the drugs are proving to be extremely effective. Our Walworth County Health Department is doing an amazing job of vaccinating. It is easy and fast.

Please get your vaccination. They are free. We need 70% of the population to reach herd immunity and get back to a sense of normal.

Person of the Week

Noel's Art at Lake Geneva Farmer's Market

Noel the wonderful artist with his masterpieces at our own farmers market. He’s there every Thursday from 8am to 1pm. Come check out his stall and say Hi!

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