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There is no lease.
It finally comes out that the concession owners of the six businesses that have operated in the Riviera Pier building have no leases at all. They have until, just about when you read this issue of the GSR, November 15th to get out with all their stuff. The redevelopment plan is approved and the contractors are going to begin walking through to bid the work any day now. The goal is to bring the inside of the Riviera online, with its complete new interior design by next spring.

That new space only allots square footage and walled space to house four of the concession owners. The old owners must submit to the Piers and Harbors Committee, and then play a sort of modern-day business version of musical chairs. They submit the music plays for an unknown period of time and stops, and then the six business owners run for one of the four open chairs. Voila! Two business owners end up still standing, and they are very quickly ushered out of the room, the Riviera, and most likely Lake Geneva itself.

It’s a tough world out there, and in Lake Geneva too. The real process of selection of those tenants being allowed to return after the rehab will play out much differently in detail, but the result will be kind of the same. Two concession owners are going.


Free virus testing!
The Walworth County Department of Health and the Sheriff’s Department are teaming up to provide free weekly COVID-19 testing for Walworth County. Testing is being held at Lakeland Community Church on Highway 67, on November 10th, 17th, 24th, and December 1st and 8th. Testing is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with 300 tests available each day. Testing is open to any Wisconsin resident 5 years of age or older. Pre-registration is recommended, which can be done at register.covidconnect.wi.gov, but is not required.

Person of the Week

Leunora Abemi of Elizabeth's Cafe, Delevan WI

Leunora Abemi of Elizabeths Cafe in Delavan. A true treasure…her and the restaurant.

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