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What is Tom Hartz doing?
First, he cancels the Meeting of the Whole, where the public gets its chance to talk to council members, and then he plugs a Finance Meeting into the vacant space.  What was the meat of that meeting?  Remove the coming new city administrator from a commission seat on the Utility Commission.  Shades of Winkler Good Old Boy days.  How did that work the for the city? Expensive and awful.  What is Hartz thinking?  He said at the meeting that Josh, the head of the Utility Department is a good guy….which happens to be true.

But so what?  This is about the city’s money. The city administrator has to be on that commission and if the mayor, and the finance committee voting with him, don’t want him in that position then it is time to question the rationality of keeping those people in their positions. Ordinance 18-10 transfers the control of the Utility Commission from the city to 4 citizens. This ordinance submission needs to be terminated immediately.  It is irresponsibly submitted and counter to every aspect of public responsibility.


LG police department coat drive results: More coats are needed!
The Lake Geneva Police Department is extending their coat drive another week. The bin in the lobby of LG City Hall and the Police Department will be left out until Friday, November 9th. Bring in your gently used or new coats. All sizes are needed, but the most needed are children’s sizes eight and up, and adult sizes. This is a great way to truly give during the holiday season. The donated coats will be distributed by a handful of Walworth County volunteers who give their time during the holidays to gather donations for families who need a little extra help. They fill baskets with items each family needs, including coats, other winter gear, hygiene items, food, and other necessities. This group is not a formal organization but just a group of volunteers that like to help. Any extra coats or other donations will be given to the Walworth County Food Pantry and Walworth County Health and Human Services to distribute to those in need.

Thumbs Up Renovation

Thumbs Up Renovation, Lake Geneva

Thumbs Up gets a thumbs up for redoing their front entrance and window!

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