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Brick and Mortar.
This business had created a very large wave that is slowly moving through the Lake Geneva community. The wave travels through the historical home district right adjacent to the downtown area on the west side. This district is protected. The homes can be improved only as they were built to be. They are not to be replaced or torn down. But that was before Brick and Mortar came along, bought one of the old houses and, according to the owner at the planning meeting on Monday night, made a terrible mistake of judgment. He needs to tear the house down or move it in order to build a proper place he can run his business out of. And therein lies the rub. He can’t tear it down without getting plan commission and city council approval. And he certainly can’t tear it down without doing damage to his reputation and even location in staying to do business in the area.

The first replacement house plan he submitted looked like a big barn. A barn that cannot fly, because it didn’t at the meeting. Now there’s a new design that looks more like a modern home, inside a historically protected community. Really. So, the plan commission kicked the can down the road. Maybe the historical home can be moved, as that was an option mentioned. Maybe there will be a better plan. The plan commission needs to learn the true meaning of the word “no.”

Tim Horn actually said that a property owner ought to be able to build anything he or she wants. So why is he sitting on a plan commission? Why have a plan commission?

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Dr. Scary's Park Lake Geneva

Dr. Scary’s ghoulish dungeons of terror is bigger and better than previous years, adding more horrors and fear. While awaiting your fate you can enjoy the paintball gallery, escape room, hot seat, videos, concessions, and much more. Dr. Scary’s will have you screaming. 5029 on Highway 50.



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