Town of Linn Fire Boat puts out its first fire.  Many people had misgivings about the Town of Linn purchasing a fire boat to race up and down about the lake, seemingly for the enjoyment of the volunteer firemen who man it.  Those misgivings disappeared last week when the fireboat was called and raced to the scene of a boat fire.  The fireboat and Town of Linn volunteer crew performed magnificently.  The boaters were saved and the hulk of the boat was survived to be towed away for disposal.  There is no burned out husk of a boat added to the debris littering the bottom of pristine waters.  The boats speed and power paid off.  The fact that the boat was out there patrolling when it got the call was also important.  It is with sincerest hopes that all the communities around the lake hope that the volunteers manning the fireboat will keep using the boat every day “for their own enjoyment.”


Gasoline prices for premium fuel has skyrocketed and you will not find anyone anywhere in any gas station in the county who can tell you why.

Local Best Gasoline Prices

Prices for premium gas has gone as high as one dollar a gallon more than the cost of regular, or what the stations all purport to be regular fuel.  A year ago the differential was twenty cents.  Then it leaped to forty cents. Then sixty and with the advent of the phony processing plant shutting down in Indiana for upkeep, a dollar a gallon.  The Geneva Shore Report knows why.  The gasoline producers and the stations themselves can profit from their obvious and pervasive monopoly, like the airlines getting together to preposterously charge passengers for checked baggage on all flights.  The gas producers and sellers can get the money.  When fuel prices went way down following the industry’s attempt to jack prices up again these same clever marketer’s (or thieves, take you pick) began raising the price of premium fuel.  Premium fuel is recommended for use in about twenty per cent of all vehicles sold in the U.S.  Voila!  Added profits.

The Geneva Shore Report has investigated the composition of gasoline over the past two years only to discover that all fuel tested has consistently met the requirements laid out for premium fuel designation.  By and large, there are no multiple fuel grades anymore, just s there are no filling stations affiliated with the real gas suppliers.  It’s all about mythology.  What will the customer’s believe?  Some stations, like Kwik Trip do provide a fuel with no alcohol added and there seems to be some logic for their charging a higher price for that fuel.  Meanwhile, the next time you fuel up your vehicle try not to think of the gas stations owners the same way as you probably think of the airline owners.

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