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The Baker House and Maxwell House go on the block.
Or do they? The rumor mill is beating pretty heavy on this one. No one seems to be sure whether Bethany, a woman just about everyone loves as sort of the mother/maître-d at Baker House, is said to be separating from her boyfriend of many years, a man most local people have never met. The work that this couple did to bring both buildings and business entities back from a disheveled near death state is beyond description. They poured a ton of money and taste into both places, and to lose one or the other of these extraordinary people would be a shame. No one’s talking in either place just now, but that is to be expected. Possibly things will work out, otherwise, two of Lake Geneva’s premier lodging sites and a great restaurant will go on the market.

Baker House Lake Geneva

Is it going to be sold? Is Bethany staying? Lake Geneva waits, hoping for a “No” on the first question and “Yes” on the second.


McDonald’s is changing, coming at you, growing strong, or is that wrong?
What’s going on at the McDonald’s fast food joint on Wells Street in Lake Geneva? The place is being renovated to become like the one they just redid in Delavan. When you place an order, you’ll get a chip in your table number that allows the employees to deliver the food right to you, as the chip will have a GPS, and your location will always be visible on their monitor. Do not swallow your number, or the chip embedded in it. Not if you have snuck into Lake Geneva to have an affair or do something sly, anyway. The place is not going to close. The interior is going to be remodeled into a new curvier style, with LED lights built into the table tops. This new McDonald’s may be an improvement over the old one or, in the opinion of true blue McDonald’s aficionados, maybe not. The one thing that will not change is the terrific team that runs this McDonald’s. Visit “Sam the Manager” and you’ll understand why we are complimenting them. The McDonald’s in Lake Geneva is more than a fast food outlet. It’s also a social gathering place that attracts many local residents who find the warmth and welcome above and beyond that of what either might be expected, or delivered anywhere else in the area.


Popeye’s assault.
Dimitri Anagnos was sentenced for the assault that occurred last year at Popeye’s Restaurant one night (September 17th 2-16 to be exact). He was videotaped holding a young man up against a wall by his neck. Alcohol and a woman were presented as rationale for his actions. Initially charged with two felonies for the assault, and attempted assault, on one of the young server’s lives, those were “read in” to the sentencing report, but dropped from any stain on his record or punishment. He pled out to four misdemeanors, and was sentenced to forty-five days of work-release at Huber in Elkhorn, a two-years-probation during which he is restricted from drinking, and a few other less onerous things. On or before November 5th he must turn himself into Huber to begin his forty-five-day sentence. It’s presumed that he will work at Popeye’s since no restrictions were placed on where he could work. Many people attending the sentencing hearing felt that Dimitri should have been more severely punished because of the damage and trauma he caused, but Judge Drettwan indicated that her “hands were tied” when it came to what she could do because the prosecutor was in control of that.   That did not come off to anyone in the court as being very credible.

Person of the Week

Maria Lopez Lake Geneva

Maria Lopez grew up helping out at the family business called Lopez’s Anchor Inn Ice Cream in Delavan. Maria has been running the business for sixteen years now and is doing great! No one customizes a shake like she does!


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