The ten-year anniversary of the Geneva Shore Report.
Started ten years ago, with this issue, the paper was born out of a need for an underground coffee shop to reach more customers up 1n the ‘real world’.  That first flier wasn’t anything of a great success but every week the staff of two kept putting out fliers about little things in the community, like water temperature the cost of boat rentals, and stuff like that.

Eventually, one reporter started covering the city council meetings, only to discover that much truth was coming out of those meetings, no dealing with background, contracts, and property, and the political reporting of the paper took off.  Today, the paper still only produces 500 hard copies a week, distributed in 48 businesses in the communities around the lake.  The paper is much larger online, with many thousands of viewers (the paper also does the only local news and weather shows every day from the edge of the lake or other interesting locations).

That this small paper has changed life in many ways, preserved it in many ways, and worked to compliment those who are forces for good and take on those not seemingly so well-intended cannot be denied.  This article isn’t about bragging rights, however.  It’s about how interesting it has been for the publisher and employees of the paper to learn so much about life around the lake and to be allowed to have a voice in so many ways.

Thank you!


Live streaming at the Riviera.
With all the recent upgrades at the Riviera and the Driehaus Family Plaza, the city wants to show it off and bring some life to its website while marketing for the local tourism industry. The Lake Geneva City Administrators Office and the Lake Geneva Police Department are the applicants for this $8,955.00 tourism grant request. The monies will cover the camera installation, any cables that need to be buried, and Livestream licensing required.

The city live stream camera was enthusiastically approved at last week’s Tourism Committee meeting and if all goes well the live streaming could be completed and ready to record in under a month. With the technology of today live streaming is used more and more by businesses, schools, government, law enforcement, and cities, and is frequently made available to the public. Lake Geneva can benefit in multiple areas by drawing out of towners to Lake Geneva with the real-time video streaming that will soon be available and helping the local police department keeping the department in continuous surveillance of Lake Geneva’s most iconic property: the Riviera and the Driehaus Plaza and Fountain.

With the ongoing advertisement and marketing of the city, along with the enhanced security of the building the tourism committee members could not resist this grant approval. The Driehaus Fountain is consistently vandalized and in for repairs more often than not (most agree that that trend needs to end). The cameras will be placed in the Driehaus Plaza, facing Geneva Lake, the Riviera, and the fountain. None of the citizens of Lake Geneva, however, should get too enthusiastic about the potential for large numbers of potential visitors watching the life cam streaming.  Many live stream cams have been shut down over the years because of boredom.  When there are no people to see or activities going on most of the public cannot just sit and watch a ‘dead’ scene, even if it’s surf on a beach or views from a moving train.  The public needs constant attention and action and that should not be forgotten.

The police department of Lake Geneva keeps full-time surveillance cameras running in over twenty locations.  For the most part, aside from playback when trouble is noted, nobody looks at the screens.

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Elmers, the wonderfully clean, efficient, and relatively inexpensive way to spend
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