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Local Fire Departments around the lake rock.
The Lake Geneva Fire Department and EMS services officially team up with the Town of Lyons and the Town of Linn to provide faster and more efficient response times. This shared agreement is what they have all been working towards for years, as it just makes sense and unofficially the communities have already been acting as if the agreement already existed. With the acknowledgment of the agreement, and the territories laid out clearly, paperwork and billing will certainly be simplified. It is good fortune to have these terrific first responders working in these communities around the lake.  Their willingness and ability to work together is outstanding, and not all communities are as lucky.

The Lake Geneva Police and Fire Departments will get a much-needed storage building.
This issue has been ongoing, as storage space is currently very limited and winter is coming. The police department has been concerned about where it will store squad cars, equipment, and evidence processing materials, as the current garage is not nearly large enough. Some of the department’s stuff, such as evidence, has overflowed into the basement of the city hall. The fire department’s need for space is not quite as urgent, but both departments are happy to be sharing the new space. The Lake Geneva City Council gave the final approval last Monday, and the work is due to start immediately and be completed, if all goes well, before winter. The bid for the job was awarded to Gilbank Construction in an amount not to exceed $181,000.  The new storage building will be located by the Lake Geneva Street Department, located on Carey Street.

Election Day 2020 is six weeks away.
Plans for mail-in, absentee, and in-person early voting have been in the works for some time. Lake Geneva’s City Clerk is working on getting things organized while following all recommended guidelines to ensure health and safety and to keep the voting process transparent. The city has already received an estimated one thousand four hundred absentee ballots that were mailed out. When ballots are received by the voters they can either mail the ballot, or drop it off in person at the city hall’s customer counter, or in the dropbox outside of city hall. Early in-person voting is scheduled to take place on October 20th through 30th at the city hall. Lake Geneva City Hall will be the only location for in-person voting for both early voting and for election day November 3, 2020.

Person of the Week

Ashley Dewart, New Day Women's Clinic, Delevan

Ashley Dewart is the executive director at New Day Women’s Clinic in Delavan. She is proud and humbled to work with and help women as they deal with difficult or exciting change

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