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Tom Hartz takes the Sherman Oath on opening a restaurant in the Riviera!
Tom Hartz, the mayor of Lake Geneva, and the owner of arguably the most successful restaurant in the city indicated verbally that he has no intention of owning or operating any restaurant that might be built as part of the redo of the Riviera complex. He has no idea whether Bill Gage, of Gage Marine, has any designs on opening a restaurant there, and Tom is completely believable. Tom is open to all ideas when it comes to putting something inside the shell of the Riviera, however, as the issue remains totally open as of this time. Tom interrupted the MSI construction team, tasked with the redo, several times to bring the discussion back to what might be put into the space. Tom is well grounded in such things, being a great businessman. He wants to know what is going to be built before the discussions are concluded about what the shell is going to consist of or look like.


Maple Park, yes!
The Maple Historic District residents’ take a lot of pride in their neighborhood, and really enjoy talking about the rich wonderful history of the area. On Saturday, September 29th, from 5 p.m. through 8 p.m., every half hour, the Maple Park Lantern Tour will depart from the Historic Steppingstone at 817 Wisconsin Street in Lake Geneva. Each tour includes a guided stroll through the historic Maple Park neighborhood, including notable architecture, historic events and a whole lot of fun.


From City Council Agenda Sept. 24, 2018.
Item: 13 c place on the city council agenda (Sept. 24th) is a mayoral notice that there will be a joint meeting with city council and plan commission on October 15th at 5 p.m. There was no explanation or reason listed for calling this special joint meeting, and when it came up for discussion it was only indicated that it was about a ‘lot of things.’ Checking the previous plan commission meeting, the same notice appeared on the agenda, but again there was no explanation or purpose for the announcement or the meeting that was in either meeting packet. So what is going on? The announcement of a joint meeting, without an expressed purpose, is unprecedented in the City of Lake Geneva history of meetings, and it is something which the residents, citizens and property owners need to be concerned about. This type of an official notice simply reeks of a ‘Danger, Will Robinson, Danger’ kind of thing. The freight train is coming through, the brakes have been disconnected, and many bystanders are about to be run over. Is it the Hillmoor express? The Hummel train? Something even more sinister, like the selling of The Riviera to a private owner? Whatever the meeting’s purpose is, that purpose is being hidden from the public, and that, on its own, indicates that the leadership does not want the public to know. Secret meetings, hidden agendas, and closed session negotiations have returned to the City of Lake Geneva with a vengeance. Stealth, not persuasion, seems to suffice. It is subterfuge and bait and switch instead.

What is the purpose of this mysterious meeting, and why is it being hidden?

Persons of the Week

Soraya and Heather Lewins

Soraya and Heather Lewins came to the aid of a turtle stranded on the curb of Main Street. There is no doubt that the turtle would not have made it across the very busy street to the Samuel Donian Nature Preserve, had it not been for this wonderful mother and daughter.


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