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Associated Bank is making its move.
At least they’re clearing the lots and getting ready to build their new building on Broad Street next to where the Kwik Trip filling station and convenience center is located. These bank people are promising the community that the place will be both beautiful and ambient. There is little question that Associated has the financial wherewithal to make that happen. Now the question becomes; will they?


Highway 50 is still going to hell in a hand bag.
Without the hand bag. The Lake Geneva Street Department says that this crumbling road issue (in front of the library) is going to be handled next spring. That’s right, next spring. The state, county and city simply could not come together to agree on what had to be done and by whom. Will things change over the winter? Not likely. Meanwhile, get ready for some more quick patching to get the road minimally passable when the snow and ice hit.

City of Lake Geneva Street Repairs

Lake Geneva doesn’t hold any titles for being quick at regular street maintenance. Looks like they are cramming in a bunch of curb and paving repair before winter. Here’s a shot of one of the many roads getting new curbs and paving around Lake Geneva.


Ross Dress for More.
Actually, it’s Ross Dress for Less, the name of the super discount woman’s clothing store. That store will handle more than apparel, sort of like T.J. Maxx and Home Goods. They are not affiliated with either of those chains. Many people are looking forward to this store coming in and offering its lower cost lines. Does that work in a community that is trying its heart out to go upscale? Wal-Mart is already there, and Ross Dress for Less will only be a short walk away. Maybe this will be an appropriate addition to that end of town.

Cartoon by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon By Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva


The Situation with Geneva Lake’s Water.
According to the results of continuous testing that the GSR pays to have done every quarter of every year, the water in Geneva Lake is among the purest of fresh water in the state. On most days the water meets standards that would allow people to drink it straight, although we do not encourage that. There have been reports this summer that the lake is filled with ‘plumes’ and poisonous bacteria. Cyanobacteria is the supposed culprit, put up all over the Internet by trolls and others that know little or nothing about limnology (the study of fresh water fauna and flora). Rumors have abounded this last week because of the unseasonable high temperatures. There have been no warnings posted anywhere around the lake, by any agency employing experts, who know about such things. The only sign that was put up this season, was put up by the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency and it said: “we’ll put up a sign if there’s a problem.” There’s no problem, hence no other signs. Ted Peters, the key person at this effective agency, rocks.

Running for Goodness

Escape Triathlon Lake Geneva

Over a thousand athletes participated in the Lake Geneva Escape Triathlon last Saturday morning. Edgewater Park in Williams Bay was the start and finish location of the event. The celebration continued well after the participants were done with the grueling swim, bike and run course.

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