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The First Ten Years.
With the publishing of this issue, the Geneva Shore Report becomes ten years old. The paper was first thought about and then created, to raise up a failing coffee shop called The Geneva Java Coffee Shop. It was going to be a single page sales leaflet in order to encourage people to come to a coffee shop that had unfortunately established itself in the basement of a church. Nobody came, and the owners of the coffee shop thought that even the first, and anemic, issues of the leaflet were too controversial. At that point, the current publisher stepped in, took over, and the rest is history. The GSR publishes five hundred issues every week that are distributed to fifty-five businesses around the lake every Wednesday. It’s also online with a vibrant website (over 1,190,964 pages read in the past 12 months) and very big on Facebook. The Facebook identity also does daily video presentations of the news, weather, and has received more than three million viewers since January 1st of 2020 on YouTube and Facebook. The weather and news reports are video delivered every morning at nine a.m., and in the afternoon at three-thirty.

It has been a real pleasure for the publisher and staff to learn so much about what goes on around Geneva Lake, and then present it all in the best way possible. The general public, at this point, must be thanked for helping such an outlandish little leaflet become what the GSR has become.

Person of The Week

Paulette Vanco

Paulette Vanco the movie star posing as a barista. Stop in at the niche and meet Paulette she is a joy and bonus you can get a cup of coffee too

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