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Fleet Farm comes to the Lake Geneva area.
In Wisconsin, the company is called Mills Fleet Farm, after the two brothers had a fight and split the company up. Mills Fleet Farm is going to open 2018 in Delavan where the old dog racing track used to be. For those of you who’ve never been to a Mills Fleet Farm super store, the experience is illuminating. It’s like a Home Depot/Lowes/Wal-Mart/K-Mart and Bass Pro on steroids. Fleet Farm’s are remarkably successful because of the variety of products offered at decent prices…and they don’t just sell crap imitation products made in China or Vietnam. Mills Fleet Farm’s entry into the surrounding marketplace will also change the approach, or even existence, of the other big box stores…and that’s a good thing.

New location for Mill Fleet Farm in Delevan

Photo from YouTube Video filmed by Anthony Wahl for The Janesville Gazette


My life for a restroom…
that’s a line from Jack Benny and not exactly what was said to him in the humorous sketch he did in his old television show.   The City of Lake Geneva does not spend money on restrooms, and that’s evident by how few there are for the visiting and local public when big tourist days hit. Why does the city not build more restrooms in the parks? They took one out at BigFoot, never to replace it. They close the restrooms downtown at every opportunity and then fail to open them in the morning. Forget the beach wall and build some decent restrooms.

Relieve the shop owners who end up looking like bad guys and gals because they can’t let the public use their small restrooms without the many concerns and worry that comes with heavy restroom traffic in very small facilities. What Lake Geneva needs is a real Human Resources Director, and a real city planner capable of looking ahead instead of always watching his or her behind.

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