The first dinner in this new Restaurant at the Lake Geneva Inn, as it is now called.

The lamb was terrific and reasonable at 34 bucks but the blow away wonder was the ‘accidental’ linguini for 27.

It was huge and the best anywhere. Anywhere. Lobster linguini. I’ve got the rest in the fridge for tonight and that was after everyone had a bit around the table. Can’t wait. Prices are a bit over what one might expect until one realizes a five star restaurant has finally come to Lake Geneva and the view will not be matched anywhere.

The service was so great and general that it was hard to figure out who the primary server was. And European service. They don’t interrupt your conversation. They wait. How wonderful. The Old Fashioned cocktail was ten bucks but that was in a huge tub and the quality all deeply northern Wisconsin where they know hot to do those snowmobile frozen over kind of wonder drinks. The Montes Classic wine by the class (cabernet) was a steal at seven bucks and they filled the glass two thirds full!

The new style of the interior is almost Danish Modern in stark beauty which directs attention straight out of the huge bay windows to where it should go…and that is the magic of the lake. This was a great dinner. A wonderful Lake Geneva dining experience!

~~James Strauss, managing editor Geneva Shore Report

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