Writing of junk.  Is this what Lake Geneva wants?  Does Lake Geneva want to be a place known for engaging artfully designed paraphernalia?  Since it  seems that there are a “lot” of people who buy smoking devices, in order to “inhale the vapors”, some specialist Lake Geneva stores are now dedicated to selling the products, they have a tendency to use them to smoke something else altogether.


There’s now a “Vape” store where the old Starfire Jewelry shop was located right next door to Kilwin’s Chocolates and in the building where Wilson’s Meats has been housed for a couple of years across the street from Starbucks.  Wilson’s Meats is beating its way back to Elkhorn, even though they paid many months in advance on their lease.  Why are they leaving?  Is the aroma much too strong for the smoking of their meats?  Are the people the vape store in its building is attracting way too oriented a certain vegetation that starts with the letter “M” to purchase meat?

Wilson Farms Meats Elkhorn WI



Saza’s is closed and headed back east.  Main Street, Lake Geneva.  A new place is coming in to take over.  They will be selling even nicer clothing and women’s accessories than the delightful inventory carried by Saza’s.


Marty at SaZa's Lake Geneva

You don’t know this woman? She’s one of the classiest most professional retail saleswomen in Lake Geneva. She worked at Sza Zsa
and she’s staying to run the new shop. Main Street. Go meet her. Ask her her name….


Jones of New York to move on, probably back to New York.  The 75% off sales were a pretty good indicator of what was about to happen.  It did.  Wilson’s Meats goes out the same way, but without the 75% off sale.

 Oakfire, Lake Geneva


Oakfire Lake Geneva WI Oakfire Lake Geneva WI


Salami Sam’s gives up the ghost.  The downtown Lake Geneva version of a 7-11 moves on.  Plans for what the family that owned it is doing are not available at the current time, and most likely involve a long needed rest.  Before they left, they managed to participate in a garbage war with Oakfire, the wonderful new luxury (and original) pizza place that moved in after Scuttlebutt’s closed.

Salami Sams Lake Geneva ClosingSalami took its last bagged garbage and dumped it at Oakfire’s front door.  Oakfire management, in a fit of inspiration (due to a rather nasty note that applied to nothing) took it back.  This went on for the whole of last Monday.  The police were called.  Who knows who called them?

Fresh from not wanting to be involved in the Indochine/Medical Weight Loss controversy, they showed up and tried to talk sense to Salami Sam’s people.  Didn’t work.  The battle raged.  The police came back.  And that happened one more time.  So you think you want to be a police officer in Lake Geneva?  Who ended up with the garbage bags in the end?  The cops, good guys and gals that they are.  They took the offending bags back to Oakfire and asked if they’d please dispose of them.  Oakfire being what it is (all class) agreed to accept the junk.  What’s going into Salami Sam’s to replace the departing owners.  It’s rumored that the “Mean Greek Theseus” was nothing more than a patsy for @Properties, the new aggressive and wildly online real estate company that’s taken downtown Chicago by storm.

That’s a rumor.  Pretty good rumor though.

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