The cell phone companies are at it again.  They all hate rural areas, although U.S. Cellular appears to hate it less than the others.  Since our stories ran over a year ago about cell phone towers being shut down by all the cell carriers in rural areas U.S. Cellular has turned on their Lake Geneva tower, and the results in receptivity are impressive.  They have no competition for quality of service around Lake Geneva.  Even their television ads are now slanting themselves toward U.S. Cellular being the cell phone friends of users living in rural areas.

What are all up the carriers to now?  They are collecting eight billion dollars a year (collectively) for additional servicing to rural areas.  None of them is using the money for that purpose.  A provision in the telecommunications law governing the usage of that money collected from everyone’s cell phone bill is allowed to be used for other budget necessities if the rural areas served by the company receiving an apportionment are deemed to be “adequately served” by that same company.

Guess what?  Urban areas billions.  Rural areas…nada.

American today pays 5.82% of their cell phone bill to The federal Universal Service Fund, which originally paid for those rural phone services.

The king is dead, long live the king.  Grueling interviews over the course of many days were spent How are the City administrator Candidatesby the Secret Personnel Committee (actually the Personnel Committee meeting under the bell of silence located at an unknown location in city hall), and a slate of two final candidates was selected.  The night of May 23rd should yield a final candidate for the job of Lake Geneva City Administrator; allow the current character to be laid to rest over in his mansion at the northern tip of Lake Geneva.  There are, as yet, no clues as to the identity of this person being intensely looked at for the job.


Who’s coming and who’s going?  A woman’s dress shop has leased the space Radio Shack once occupied on Main Street.  The woman’s name is Amy and she has owned a very successful high line woman’s clothing store in Park Ridge for many years.  What used to be Germaine’s on Main Street is now going to be Shoe Shoe.  The owners of Brick and Mortar, E Street Denim and Champs are going into the shoe business to compete with the Bootery which has been sold to new owners, although their identity remains unknown at this time.

Champs E St. Denim Paws Lake Geneva WI

Paws is not going out of business, as was rumored in an earlier edition of the Geneva Shore Report.  We apologize for that.  Paws is instead moving to where the Pear Tree was once located on Main Street near where Peet’s Coffee Shop is now.  Two food stores are moving into the downstairs area of Bistro 220 on Cook Street (with products similar to those the Village Gourmet used to carry).

@properties Lake Geneva@Properties, although they may call themselves Salami Real Estate to save on new signage, is going into the old convenience store once located at Wrigley, Cook and Main.  They are also keeping a small space next to the olive oil store on Cook and even put up a sign because the GSR outed them last week.  Go Kinga Konga!


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