The beadwork of the aboriginal Manitoba Indians comes to Lake Geneva: On Monday afternoon a representative of the tribe appeared at ShoShoo (Main Street in downtown Lake Geneva) to demonstrate the style of beadwork the tribe uses. Some of the products at ShoShoo are adorned with this beading; and are available at this small wonderful store located on Main Street in downtown Lake Geneva.

Bead Working ShoShoos Lake Geneva

Manitoba Mukluks at ShoShoo. This wonderful woman named Waneek Horn-Miller is in Lake Geneva to teach and market the wonderful materials made by the Manitoba tribe in Eastern Canada. The footwear is remarkable and all hand made in beads and leather. Get in to ShoShoo while she’s still there. Here she’s giving beading lessons to a perspective buyer.

The snow hill and why it’s being killed off by neglect. The Geneva Shore Report is all about fun. This fact does not always seem like a fact when the paper is going after officials of the various communities located around Geneva Lake, or the developers who must work with them. A sledding hill makes sense. It makes Wisconsin sense, because it’s free. Free to the public. Free to the kids. It does cost to clear the hill, and make it nice for sledding or saucering or just plain old King of the Hill screwing around. This is the kind of project that the city should aggressively pursue. There’s little cost, and the benefits are huge.

Snow Hill Lake Geneva

What’s with the sledding hill near city hall in downtown Lake Geneva. The trees are being allowed to grow wild so where will the sleds and saucers be able to run? The city needs to get on this before the snow flies. Kids have to have places to go and have fun, and a few courageous adults, as well.

The digging continues. The alley running east and west from Broad Street to Center Street is still being repaved and the sewers rebuilt. It should all be done (according to the terrific owner, Peter Jurgens of Geneva Bay Construction) by the end of October. Center Street is also torn up on both sides, running from Geneva Street all the way out to where Broad curves around to become whatever it’s called out there on the north side. Gas lines are being replaced. That project should be done by the end of October too.


  • Is Bill Gage having financial problems? Is his restaurant over there in Williams Bay hurting him a bit? The Geneva Shore Report does not know. And the rumors are worrisome. The GSR staff is going over there to have dinner to support Gage Marine. Gage is all the lake has when it comes to boat tours and trips.
    Lake Geneva needs Gage Marine.
  • Is Mike Kocourek going to sell all his properties and move to Eagle River, Wisconsin? The Geneva Shore Report hopes not, but rumors abound. Mike put his place (Stone Manor) up for sale, but then didn’t sell it.
    Lake Geneva loves Mr. Kocourek and sincerely hopes that he stays.
  • What’s going into the old defunct Peet’s Coffee Shop? Nobody knows, yet.
  • Is Starbuck’s staying? There are rumors there too. Starbucks has lousy parking, and a large overhead. Starbuck’s is an anchor feature of the downtown, and it would be painful to lose that operation. Go and get some coffee there.

If you think all these organizations and people are devils, that’s understandable, but never forget that they are the devils you know.

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