The elections are coming next Tuesday.  The Geneva Shore Report gave up endorsing candidates two years ago when it was realized that all previous candidates for office supported by the GSR lost.  The only winner was Governor Scott Walker, but then when the GSR supported him everyone must have known that such support was only done in high humor.  High humor.


“I come here to bury Caesar not to praise him.”

In that vein, whom does the Geneva Shore Report support?

No candidate.

There are some mighty good people running for office though.  Frank Lettenberger would make one heck of a judge over in Williams Bay.  Mary Jo Fessenmaier and Chris Gelting are running for Alderperson in Lake Geneva.  No finer people have walked the earth, so the last thing the Geneva Shore Report will do is endorse them for office.     

Voting Lake Geneva April 7 2105


Television Series Review.  There’s a British production you can get on Amazon Prime if you pay to subscribe to that service.  It’s called Fortitude.  It’s made by the Brits but takes place on a small island off of Norway.  Intriguing series, to say the least.  Stanley Tucci (you will remember him for such classics as the Devil Wears Prada and Blind Date) is simply and coldly brilliant, but then he’s a British investigator on an island off of Norway!  The premise and plot of the series are not nearly as meaningful as the photography, the landscapes, the animals and the cultural revelations. Check out the barren interior and exterior designs of these cold country people.  What art on the wall?  Who needs it?  The islanders never shovel or plow the snow.  They simply live through the mush and slush.  You will find something in this series to keep dragging you back but you won’t sit and watch it like you might with House of Cards (before season three when House of Cards turned into House of Crap) because you’ll freeze to death if you do.  Watch the show and think of the relief of spring now breaking like the dawn of a long cold night.

Television Series Fortitude 2015


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