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One has to look at the bright side of the Coronavirus.
The parking problem has been solved. There are vacant parking stalls all over the downtown area. Even the city council has gotten into the spirit, by temporarily slashing the parking rate to “zero”. There is free parking for everyone. Politicians who said that they wanted to spend more time at home with their spouse and kids have been granted that wish. Although there is no place to go, gas prices have dropped, so people can afford to sit in their cars and go anywhere and back on the empty roads for an outing, although that has to be with family only. Living in a beautiful resort area by a beautiful lake, the Coronavirus virus may give residents of the City of Lake Geneva their first “Visitor Free Summer”.

On the serious side, the Coronavirus, and the actions being taken to restrict its spread, will make everyone more aware of, and hopefully more thankful for, the things that many people have taken for granted. During this time of physical distancing, everyone can still celebrate a common human bond by taking an action intended for both individual and mutual benefit. Every life is important, as a single cog on a gear in a watch. Without the rest of the watch, a single cog loses its value, but if the watch loses a single cog, it too loses its value. Which is to say, the value of “life” is in “another’s life” and the value of “another life” is in every “life”.

The wonderful staff at the Lake Geneva School of Cooking is sharing their love of cooking with the community through: “Cooking in Quarantine” video series.
You can enjoy the videos from the comfort of your home. They will feature a recipe and instructional video for you to follow as your cooking from home. Some of the videos were filmed before the pandemic but be ensured the chefs are practicing social distancing and cooking from home since the “safer at home” order was placed. This video series is a great way to bring your family together in the kitchen. It’s a great time to try new foods, recipes, and encourage kids to be a part of the cooking process. Have fun and enjoy!

Communities are finding strength and support for health care providers.
They are showing respect and care for grocery store workers, and emergency personnel, by turning on lights to show a sign of strength. There are large groups of employees working around the clock to keep us healthy, safe, and providing us with necessities so people are encouraged to turn on their porch lights, put up Christmas lights, or simply put a candle in a window. Turn on a light and let everyone know you’re ok and have hope.

The GSR is making the best of this trying situation and turning it into a learning experience.
We have started a video series of “how-to” to keep the children busy while home and also making it an educational experience. So far we have shared “how-to” make your own hand sanitizer, ‘play-doh’ and a tornado in a jar. Every week we will be sharing new experiments and projects you can try at home. Having the kids measure the ingredients is a great way to incorporate math and younger children can practice reading the recipes and instructions.  It’s a fun way to enjoy being homebound and incorporating a teaching lesson.

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