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Chicago Title.
“This little piggy went to market…” It’s about time that this little quietly run Chicago operation located on Center Street got some attention. This title company made it through the Chicago Fire, and that is one of their biggest claims to fame. What would be shocking would be information that Chicago Title made good on any of the title problems that arose from that disaster. Having gotten hold of one of Chicago Title’s title insurance policies, Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigators are poring over it to see how it reads and the preliminary results are coming in. It would appear, at first glance, that a title police written by Chicago Title is worth about what you can get for the paper that the title policy is written on. So much for blushing first appearances. Instead of simply reading the document and giving out opinions about it, however, next week the GSR is going to be coming back in print with the results of one claimant and the directly quoted provisions of his title policy that cost him thousands. Readers can come to their own conclusion when the actual wording of the title policy is presented. It’s not going to be rocket science, but the effect might well be the same as standing under the nozzle of rocket exhaust when the thing is ignited.

Luis Pizza.
The new name for Louie’s Pizza, located out on the south side of Lake Geneva (Intersection of South Shore Road and Willow Road), is going to reopen in early May. Luis and his wife Laura are going to offer pizza and other foods. The menu remains unset as of this writing, but the entire GSR staff hopes that the menu will be slanted toward genuine Mexican food.

Luis Pizza Lake Geneva

Luis and Laura getting set to open Luis Pizza, the place that will take over where Louie’s Pizza used to be out on South Shore Road and Willow. They appear to be doing a terrific job. They should open in early May and a report from the GSR will be forthcoming.


Congratulations to Sally Nimmow, the Operations Manager of the GSR.
She was awarded the “Big Sister of the Year” Saturday! Sally’s friendly smile, warm heart and giving attitude make her a vital member of the community (as well as the GSR). She became interested in mentoring in 2011 and found the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Shortly after the application process she was matched with a child named Joslin. They have been together ever since. They are a great match and truly think of each other as family. Big Brothers Big Sisters goal is to match people with children in need of friendship, or one on one attention through as Lunch-Buddy program, Community Based, Couples Match and Senior Match programs. With more kids than volunteers, new participants are always welcomed and encouraged to join. Great benefits and joy are universally experienced by all. The Big Brothers Big Sisters office is located on Hobbs Drive in Delavan, call them at 262-728-8865.

Sally Nimmow and Joslin, Little Sister

Sally Nimmow and ‘little sister’ Joslin

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